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  • Rick
  • LeBeau
  • Quiche
  • United States
  • California
  • San Diego, CA, US
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  • 1976
  • Player Bio

    Rick LeBeau- what can you say about him. Tried really hard at freestyle for a long time; Main contribution to the sport was discovering La Jolla Cove as a jam spot, in 1977. Used to play there back when you could still find a parking spot. Scrambled for partners forever; rarely arrived at a tournament with a freestyle partner already lined up. Sometimes they even traded up after we were already set! Played freestyle for the love of it for many, many years. Taught hundreds of people to play all kinds of disc sports, as a teacher of an accredited frisbee class (flying dics skills 101 and 102 in the course catalog) at San Diego State University. Set a few world records over the years in field events; my son holds more, though.

    Most if not all my achievements are in field events, DDC, and the overall. In fact, I’ve won a world championship in every event BUT freestyle. (You have to count masters championships, though, for golf and accuracy…and distance)

  • Career Highlights

    US Open overall champion, 1989.

  • How I Started

    on a field next to my frat at SDSU. Some ultimate players discovered us and recruited us to play on the Free Flyers. Soon, Kirkland was making me jam with him. He only liked me for my zzzzzz’s.

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  • Favorite Moves

    still more forgetting

  • Mentors

    John Kirkland; Greg Reilly; Tom Boda;

  • Partners

    Greg Reilly; Jay Beukelman; Greg Garcia; Mark Blakemore; John Schiller; Randy Wylot; Scott Wilson; lots of others I’m forgetting…

  • Media & Appearances

    I forget…

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  • Other Fun

    raising a great kid (Grant, currently playing for defending national collegiate ultimate champs- Brown University), bodysurfing, water polo, swimming, disc golf, ddc

Tournament History

2001 WFDF ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries5
2001 Masters Flying Disc ChampionshipsOpen FormatPreliminaries5
1998 US Open – DallasOpen FormatPreliminaries3
1996 US Open Flying Disc ChampionshipsCo-opSemi-Finals5
1994 US Open Flying Disc ChampionshipsOpen FormatSemi-Finals7
1992 US OpenCo-opSemi-Finals8