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  • Patrick
  • Chartrand
  • gitis@sympatico.ca
  • 46 or was it 42, hum?
  • Canada
  • Toronto
  • 07031957
  • Retired
  • 1972
  • Player Bio

    Married, 2 adult children and an awesome dog.

  • Career Highlights

    Won a few smaller tournaments over the years in Canada and the States. Won 3 Canadian Open Championships also, that was pretty special. I believe I was the last person to partner with Ken Westerfield to win a tournament. That was in the mid 80’s and I believe it was the Buffalo Wing Team open. We spent most of our time doing shows rather than competitions and we travelled extensively.

    At times it was Ken and myself doing shows, however, Gary Auerbach, Brian Mcelwain, Mary Kathron, Michael Sullivan and a few others also did shows with Ken

  • How I Started

    I was 15 years old and my older brother and his friends had a black masters that they were playing with. I tried to toss it unsuccessfully, at which point they had a good chuckle at my expense. That’s all I needed. Although I was 2 years younger than these fellows, I was always a better athlete. So, I went and bought my own disc and practiced like crazy. A few years later I met Ken Westerfield and got his autograph in my book “Frisbee by the Masters”. Over the next couple of years, on occasion, I saw Ken in the Beach, where we both lived. We somehow became friends and next thing I knew we were jamming every day. That changed my life.

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  • Favorite Moves

    Absolute Favorite move is a Bad Attitude. However, I injured myself doing a Bad Attitude for a T.V. spot which stopped my playing career for 3 years. Hence I have not done one for many years.

    I think I have done more scarecrows than anyone on the planet, so that has to be my Favorite move now. I have several set ups to the catch on various angles. I also enjoy attitude changes. The more the better.

  • Mentors

    Ken Westerfield

  • Partners

    Wayne Daniels, Stuart Godfrey, Gary Auerbach, Ken Westerfield, Brian Mcelwain, Michael Sullivan

  • Media & Appearances

    There are too many media appearances to list. We did media for a couple of different T.V. shows way back when. Not to mention numerous T.V. spots. Ken, Brian and I had a permanent exhibit at The Ontario Sciece Center for over 25 years. The exhibit was about rotation and featured us spinning along with the disc doing its thing. This was accompanied with a scientific explaination of how all the rotation related to the rotation of the earth.

    In addition to this I have numerous appearances in different newspapers, along with Ken, Gary, Brian and my first two partners Wayne Daniels and Stuart Godfrey.

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