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  • Martin
  • Stadler
  • Prof.Dr.Fris.Spinwell
  • Germany
  • Heidelberg,Germany
  • Freiburg, Germany
  • bike messenger off duty... to take my studys in shape:)
  • started playing 2003, competing since 2005
  • Career Highlights

    11th place German-National-Indoor-Championships 2005 Berlin
    7th place “Jam’n’Go” 2005 Nuernberg
    4th place “Frischstylers-Jam” 2005 Karlsruhe

  • How I Started

    I watched Hermann (70 year old Frisbee-Legend) playing with his friend Chsu from Taiwan on the beautiful frisbee-place in Heidelberg called “Neckarwiese”…you would love this place! …he still rocks the disc!

Player Details

  • Mentors

    Me,Myself and I… especially all heidelberg frisbee fanatics like stefan, merdat, phil, roberto, hanno(lazy lefty), georg, felix, schmidt feat. ott… and many more all over germany…

  • Other Fun

    family,friends,music,movies, drawing, women and a lot of sports-especially riding my beautiful bike and playing basketball…

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