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  • Kate
  • Dow
  • rstigall1963@gmail.com
  • United States
  • 1979
  • Player Bio

    Kate Dow did not narrow the gender gap for Freestyle Disc. She obliterated it. She found Freestyle as a young gal of 15 in Venice, CA where she bumped into the local jam scene down at the Venice Green. Under the tutelage of Brian Roberts, Jim “Gusman” Emerson, Gary Perlberg, John Jewell and others, she quickly developed her game. And she was a quick study, mastering the techniques and making them her own. She burst onto the scene, winning the Rose Bowl Women’s title with teammate Connie Bond in 1981. Then she went on a run winning the ’82 FPA Mixed (w/ Joey Hudoklin) and Women’s (with Connie Bond) as well as the ’82 World Disc title (again with Connie). In all she would amass 9 total Major Freestyle Titles.

    Despite these tournament successes, the irony here is that Kate was not fond of competition. Her spirit was more towards the soul style jams with friends. It was all about the personal expression and shared experience with her. After she moved to Santa Barbara in the early 1980’s she began to reach her full potential. Long jams at Palm Park with locals Joey, Richie Smits, Dave Zeff, Chipper Bro, Captain C and others developed her game to as high of a level as any woman has ever achieved. Her consistency, difficulty, touch, vision and imagination were nothing short of transcendent.

    In time Kate would finish her PhD as a psychologist, start a family, and be the founder and CEO of her own business for 26 years where she helped women transform challenges into empowerment. Her thoughts were never far from spinning plastic, since it was truly her first love. She dreams of playing again sometime with her frisbee family.

  • Career Highlights

    1981 Rose Bowl (with Connie Bond)
1982 FPA Women’s (with Connie Bond)
    1982 FPA Mixed (with Joey Hudoklin)
    1982 World Disc (with Connie Bond)
    1988 FPA Mixed (with Dave Schiller)
    1989 FPA Mixed (with Dave Schiller)
    1989 FPA Women’s (with Stacy Anderson-McCarthy)
    1991 FPA Women’s (with Gina Sample)
    1991 FPA Mixed (with Dave Schiller)

    Other results:
    1981 North American Series (NAS) [March], 2nd place, Austin,Texas
    1981 NAS [April], 2nd place, Santa Barbara, CA
    1981 NAS [May], 2nd place, Albuquerque, New Mexico
    1981 NAS [June], 2nd place, Eugene, Oregon (with Mary Lowry)
    1984 World Indoor Championships, 2nd place, San Diego (with Dianne Marguilles and Peggy Stanton

  • How I Started

    Venice Green, CA. First tournament was Indian Summer Sonoma

Player Details

  • Partners

    First Wave-My Second Family- Brian Roberts, Jim Emerson, Gary Perlberg, Mike Casey, John Jewel, Angel Sanchez, Stan Frederickson, Jeffrey, Mark Sebastien Sammy Shatz

    Second Wave- Joey Hudoklin, Roosevelt, Richie Smits, Donny Rhodes, Roger Meier, Brad Keller, John O’Malley

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