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    JJ is storied in legend in so many ways it is difficult to ascertain what he was best at. He was renowned for 2 monumental routines under car lights. One was at 1979 NAS Santa Barbara with Dave Marini (1st place) and the second was at 1980 Sonoma Indian Summer with Doug Branigan (2nd place). The Santa Barbara routine was selected as the “Routine of the Decade” for the 1980’s in the “Decades Awards”. His intense competitiveness and his ability to excel in all environments also set him apart. However, he is best known for his wind play. He was a natural beach/wind player and an exceptional technician. Excellent hands, great footwork and precise control where just some of the aspects of his game. JJ was the “King of the Beach”. His exploits on the beach became the thing of legend. He was virtually undefeated in beach tournaments.

    His creative surge in the late 70’s and early 80’s heavily influenced everyone who watched him play. He reached a period of dominance in 1981 winning the Santa Barbara NAS event, Moosehead Open (Santa Cruz), Eugene NAS and the combined title of FPA Pairs and World Disc Freestyle Champions at the big Santa Cruz tournament that year. He also had an innate ability to always rise to the occasion. JJ was a member of legendary ‘Team Sideout’ with Skippy Jammer, Larry Imperiale and Tommy Leitner. Other partners over time were the Roberts Brothers (Matt and Brian) and the aforementioned Dave Marini. He is truly one of the most fantastic players ever.

    JJ was also a many time Disc Golf Champion and a very strong overall player. Winning multiple big events and mentoring untold numbers of young players.

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    First Tournament: Santa Barbara 1977 NAS

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