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  • Jim
  • Benson (Schmal)
  • jim@jimbenson.net
  • United States
  • Player Bio

    Jim Benson burst onto the Freestyle scene with all the suddenness of a freight train. Along with long time partner Deaton Mitchell, they quickly asserted themselves as the premier Freestyle Pairs team. In short time they ticked off an unprecedented 4 consecutive FPA World Pairs Champions titles. During this time Jim and Deaton would also win 9 consecutive FPA Pairs events. Jim would become the prototype Freestyler. His long physique, supple frame, exquisite touch, creative approach and competitive drive made for a formidable combination. The team of Jim and Deaton were recognized as the “1980’s Open Pairs Team of the Decade” by the Skippy Sez awards.

    Jim and Deaton developed their games without mentors. The fledgling “Bayou Blaster” scene in southern Louisiana featured Darryl Allen, Pat Carrasco, Jeff “Getty” Freeman and many others. They would feed off of each other’s energy and develop a style all their own.

    Another aspect of Jim’s remarkable abilities is he is the only male in history to win a World Double Disc Court title (with partner Tony Pellicane) and a World Freestyle title.

  • Career Highlights

    1983 FPA World Pairs (with Deaton Mitchell)
    1984 FPA World Pairs (with Deaton Mitchell)
    1985 FPA World Pairs (with Deaton Mitchell)
    1986 FPA World Pairs (with Deaton Mitchell)
    1986 World Indoors Co-op (with Deaton Mitchell and Peter Laubert)
    1986 US Open (with Deaton Mitchell and Peter Laubert)
    1987 World Indoors Co-op (with Tom Leitner and Peter Laubert)

  • How I Started

    First Tournament: A Flying Farewell to the 70’s (Dallas TX)

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  • Partners

    Deaton Mitchell, Darryl Allen, Peter Laubert, Tom Leitner

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