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    Gerry is the singular most influential player in New York City’s rich history of disc play, and one of the very first people to spread the joy of Freestyle Disc play. His vision and longevity are nearly unrivaled in Flying Disc and his influence lives on. Gerry’s ability as an artist created the early templates for disc designs and cites the original FPA and WFDF logos as part of his portfolio. He was also an excellent athlete that combined a dynamic ‘hot-dog’ style of play with contrasted with the stoic style of the early days of Frisbee-play in New York City. That flair for the dramatic resulted in his fellow players to call him “Circus” for his theatrics.

    In 1957, Gerry Augustine Lynas was given a Pluto Platter by a friend. It was love at first flight. He started to spread the jam when he attended the Kansas City Art Institute in the 1960’s and later at the Peace Corp training in Portland, OR. After moving to New York City in 1965 he met players on Frisbee Hill in Central park. At that time, they engaged in a ‘Flow’ game, eschewing anything superfluous. Gerry’s take on play was to explore the unknown and started to push the boundaries with new catches and throws. His antics resulted in those players calling him “Circus”.

    Established the New York Flying Disc Institute (NYFDI). Tournament Director of Big Apple Jam and Disc Over New York.

    Also of note is Gerry’s considerable contributions as an artist. The original FPA Logo, the 1980 New World Tour logo, the 2016 Big Apple Jam 2 logo, the Flying Disc Hall of Fame certificates are just some of his pieces.

    During the years, Gerry has stayed close to the game and continues to play and teach to this day.

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    First Tournament: 1975 Octad

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    Partner: All the jammers on Frisbee Hill in Central Park NYC. Including but not limited to Krae VanSickle, Kerry Kolmar, Peter Bloeme, Mark Danna, Freddie Haft, Carl Baker.

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