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  • Dominik
  • Rurek
  • rurek.dominik@gmail.com
  • Poland
  • Poznań
  • 06/22/1984
  • How I Started

    I met my friends like Michal, Konrad and Dawid while they were jamming. I tried throws and some catches and i realized that i can do it with both hands and it is awesome. They showed me some tricks like nail delay, i bougth nails and start training. I can see my big progres in trainings and that’s very satisfying. There is nothing more motivating when you see that tricks starts to execute. Now I still learning and I gain experience and most important I have mega giga fun of that 🙂

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  • Partners

    Michał Maciolek, Dawid Tomiak, Konrad Skorza

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