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  • Deaton
  • Mitchell
  • kaillasuki13@gmail.com
  • United States
  • 1980
  • Player Bio

    The best things to come out of the Bayou are Jazz, Gumbo, Alligators and World Freestyle Champions. Deaton Mitchell is the poster boy of shred. As was also the case with longtime partner Jim Benson (Schmal), together they would burst onto the scene and dominate the Open Pairs division in historic fashion. Deaton’s non-stop jamming helped coin the term ‘Death Jam’ which perfectly describe his endless energy and fitness. Deaton and Jim would win 4 World Pairs Freestyle titles in a row (1983-86) and 9 Pairs titles in a row. Deaton would also make an impact in the mixed division winning two World titles with partner Gina Sample (’86 and ’94). To this day, they are considered to be the standard against all Open Pairs teams are measured.

    Deaton’s classic “Bayou Blaster” style features extremely difficult delay game, restricted tipping, lot’s a spinning and dynamic catches. While his native spin is Clock, he is fully adept at managing Counter Spin. The best part of his game is how he works with his partner. The ‘Blasters’ co-ops were really their signature style.

  • Career Highlights

    Major Titles:
    1983 FPA World Pairs (with Jim Benson)
    1984 FPA World Pairs (with Jim Benson)
    1985 FPA World Pairs (with Jim Benson)
    1986 FPA World Pairs (with Jim Benson)
    1986 FPA Mixed (with Gina Sample)
    1986 World Indoors Co-op (with Jim Benson and Peter Laubert)
    1986 US Open (with Jim Benson and Peter Laubert)
    1994 FPA Mixed (with Gina Sample)

  • How I Started

    First Tourney: 1980 Alabama State Championships (with Jeff “Getty” Freeman)

Player Details

  • Partners

    Partners: Jim Benson, Pat Carrasco, Darryl Allen, Jeff “Getty” Freeman, Peter Laubert and Gina Sample

    Other Partners, Skippy Jammer, Dave Murphy, Allen Elliot, Chip Bell, John Houck, Carla Cheshire, Dave Schiller and Bob Coleman.

    Mentors: Fellow Bayou Blaster jammers and his overly active imagination.

Tournament History