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  • Arnon
  • Avitzur
  • Murphius
  • Israel
  • Raanana, Israel
  • Raanana, Israel
  • Microsoft Infrastructure Consultant
  • 1994
  • Player Bio

    No need to say so much.
    Join me for a game – maximum fun is promised !!!

  • Career Highlights

    misplacing my shoulder during a crazy catch 🙂

  • How I Started

    One of my best friends is Dori Yaniv, who got me doing all this crazy stuff… I may never forgive him

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Just doing whatever i feel like, no need to plan ahead.
    Oh yeah… trying not to break anything.

  • Mentors

    I was always impressed by Larry’s amazing game, and doing all of that without fake nails !!!
    My israeli mentor is Barak Lifshits, boy… the tricks this guy can pull !

  • Other Fun

    Snowboard and sleep

Tournament History