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  • DiChiara
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  • Italy
  • Milano
  • 1972
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    Valentino DeChaira had a chance encounter at UC Berkeley in 1972 when he traveled to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1972. He likely encountered members of the famous Berkeley Frisbee Group such as FDHOF inductees Victor Malafronte and John “Z/Dreamer” Weyand. His discovery of the majestic flight of the Frisbee inspired him to dedicate the rest of his life to promoting this lifetime sport and activity.

    When he arrive back in his native Milan, Italy he quickly spread the joy of play to anyone he met. He also recognized the need for organization by founding the very first Italian Frisbee organization, the Associazione Italiano Frisbee in 1977. Shortly after that he began organizing tournaments. He also organized one of the very first International Italian teams traveling to the United Kingdom for an Ultimate and Guts tournament. Also in 1978 he organized the very first Italian Freestyle Championships. In 1991 he organized the first edition of the Coppa Città di Milano in the central park of Milano contesting accuracy, distance and freestyle. In late September, the 25th edition of this event will be contested.

    In 1999, he converted and developed a building next to an expansive field naming it the “Frisbee Temple”. The creation and development of the Frisbee Temple as a unique sports and recreational center promoting freestyle, ultimate, disc golf, accuracy, distance, and ddc was a critical addition to the community and an important point in the history of Italian Freestyle and Disc Play. This became the home of the A.I.F. and a landmark for the freestylers of all a Europe.

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    Influences: Berkeley Frisbee Group (Malafronte, Weyand and others)