The FPA has revised our membership structure for the upcoming year based on significant input and to motivate new membership.  All members will be allowed to compete at Major and FPAW events.  As part of the new membership structure, there will be no physical membership packages.  A big benefit of the new membership structure will be significant discounts on disc purchases!  We are working on the price structure for disc purchases but wanted to get the new price structure out there. We should have disc distributors both in USA (Wrightlife) and Europe (to be announced) so it should be easier and cheaper to get the discs for European jammers.


  • FPA Members: $20/year
  • Platinum Members: $100 or more per year
  • Juniors (18 and under) pay nothing – just an email and birth year required
  • First time membership is FREE for one year


Also, we will be assigning permanent membership numbers when you join.  The top 25 numbers will not be assigned immediately but will be auctioned off as a fundraiser over the next few years.


The sign-up form will be available directly on the FPA website from January 2017.




WFDF 2017 World Overall Flying Disc Championships (WOC 2017)

The WFDF 2017 World Overall Flying Disc Championships (WOC 2017) will be staged from Monday 24th – Saturday 29th July 2017 in the city of Basingstoke at the Down Grange Sports Complex in Great Britain.  The freestyle portion of this event will be Thursday (if needed), Friday and Saturday 27-29 July.  There are three important elements of this event.

  1. This will be the weekend before the signature event on the FPA calendar, the FPAW in Udine, Italy, being held Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 3 – 6.  WFDF ends on a Saturday and FPAW starts the following Thursday allowing plenty of time between events to travel, practice and sightseeing.  Hopefully folks get a chance to attend both events!

  2. WFDF will be 2 divisions, men’s pairs and women’s pairs only and all rounds will be 3 minutes

  3. WFDF will be considered an FPA Major.  Note Frisbeer has asked that it no longer be considered a Major so it can expand experimental formats with full freedom.


Read a short follow-up to above mentioned news >>


1st Annual FPA Holiday Auction

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the 1st Annual FPA Holiday Auction!


The FPA will be hosting our first auction this month!! This is a FUNDRAISER for the Freestyle Players Association (think: helping out jammer community + tax-deductible donation for this year = Happy Happy!)



Up for auction:


1) Dec 15th – 17th will be one of only 22 SIGNED Freestyle Hall of Fame Skystylers. The disc includes 11 of the inaugural Hall of Fame Inductees’ signatures (out of 22 inducted). Bidding will begin on Dec 15 at 12 noon (West Coast USA time-zone), and end on Dec 17 at 6PM (1800).


2) Dec 18th – 20th will be one of the 10 sets of Freestyle Hall of Fame photo-real minis; 22 minis total, 11 of which are signed on the back by the Inductees. Bidding will begin on Dec 18 at 12 noon (West Coast USA time-zone), and end on Dec 20 at 6PM (1800).


Bidding site will be the FPA Facebook Page, with images of the items posted prior to the opening of the bidding time-period. Bids will be through the Comments linked to the auction item.


Help the FPA continue to Fly by participating and supporting our auction!

(More details and photos of the auction items coming soon)




2017 FPA Disc design Winner

Congratulations to James Wiseman, winner of the FPA disc art for 2017. Inspired by various Z-Truth discs from the past, next year’s discs will see a lot of spin for sure. Congratulations James and to the others who submitted very cool art, Sophie Rickers, Yuval Reikoren and Lorenzo Modarelli. Here is James’ art:





FPA Election

Voting for new board membership is coming out shortly.  Don’t forget to vote.  Even though there is only one candidate in each available category, we request all FPA members vote. You will get the ballot into your inboxes soon.  Thanks!




All,  it has come to the FPA’s attention there is a company that works with some employers and make it possible to allow their employees to donate to the FPA and the company will match the donations.  Find out if Benevity works with your employer and think about getting your donations to the FPA matched!  The FPA has already been set up as a beneficiary so executing it should take little effort.