The New Year has started so now it is a perfect time to join the FPA or renew your membership for 2020.


A HUGE new benefit for FPA membership!!


Majorly discounted old-school Skystylers from the 80’s and 90’s. Colors that are no longer made, over 700 unique designs, swirled plastic… very hein. The FPA acquired these discs through our amazing partnership with Discraft and the generosity of Hall-of-Famer Gail McColl (R.I.P).


In 2020, we are looking to increase our membership more than we ever have, especially by expanding our reach to more countries and continents. Consider platinum membership and/or just directly donate to the FPA! Give back to the sport that has given so much to all of us!!


Please read the following.


The Freestyle Players Association (FPA) is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1978. Our mission is to support the growth of freestyle disc play as a lifetime recreation and a competitive sport.


YOU make our sport what it is!


Your membership is vital toward sustaining and helping to increase the enjoyment and growth of our unique sport worldwide.  For more information about these endeavors and information on events and competitions please visit the official FPA website at If you have questions or feedback send your message to


Here is the link to join:


Here is the awesome FPA 2020 FPA disc art, available in both a Skystyler from Discraft and 100 mold from Discovering The World (Thank you both for your generosity to our sport, allowing the FPA to keep membership fees so low)!  Original art by Kevin Fuller of a photograph (of Steffen Verstichel) by Drew Stanton taken at Jason Salkey’s Jam Britannia!



Below are the discounts available only to FPA members:




  • !!! HOT HOT HOT !!! Vintage Sky-Stylers from the personal collection of Gail McColl (the original female jammer and inaugural Hall of Fame inductee) can be purchased with significant discount at the following link Expect unique opportunities throughout the year so becoming a member early in the year provides greater opportunity!
  • NOTE: discs and packages are currently being added to this page, the process should be finished by the end of January)

  • Europe based disc shop which helps the FPA with the distribution of FPA merchandise in Europe
  • The e-shop is not translated to English, for orders of discounted FPA merch (FPA discs, Misprints and other freestyle merch), please contact Jakub Kostel. Similar discounts available!

  • Rick LeBeau, a long-time disc athlete and jammer, is offering freestylers a discount on orders of the energy bars he makes!  And he will donate part of the sales price for each one of the orders to the FPA!
  • Use the code you will be provided to get a 15% discount on your purchase at
  • Rickaroons are energy bars but they taste way better than any energy bars. While they have healthy, nutritious ingredients, they are delicious. So please check them out!  It is a win for your tummy, a win for your energy level, a win for Rick, and a win for the FPA!


For custom discs please support our partners Discraft ( or Discovering The World (  Tell them the FPA sent you!


Stay up-to-date with the latest news and follow FPA on Facebook. To connect with the global Jamily, join our open community Facebook group Freestyle Frisbee Players and the e-mail group Jammers on the net.


Your membership in the FPA demonstrates your enthusiasm for freestyle – enthusiasm that is shared with disc enthusiasts around the world!  We welcome you to the FPA and a lifetime of fun in a great community of athletes!


~ Thank You from your FPA Board of Directors ~