Yes, summer is really over now and the winter is coming. For many of us that sadly means less jamming opportunities but at least we have some, ehm, MANY videos to watch. Summer was full of jamming and fortunately people with cameras were often around. Since you will find a crazy amount of videos below, I decided to categorize them a little and highlight some by embedding them. Others are attached in the form of links but that doesn’t mean they are not worth watching – they really are! Enjoy…



New York videos

The title of videographer of summer definitely belogs to James Wiseman. He’s been feeding us with a delicious content all summer and he just doesn’t stop. Many of his videos are related to FPA World Championship which took place in New York in August and offered many opportunities for heinous US – Euro jam collabos. See for yourselves…


>> Daniel O’Neill – graceful jamming in Sheep Meadow


>> Wall Two – James and Daniel shredding in front of a painted wall


>> First arrivals from Europe before the tournament started – Mördi Hosseinian and Jakub Koštel playing inside the legendary Bandshell.




>> Jakub Koštel and Rob Fried jamming in Sheep Meadow


>> Meadow jam with Graf Mördi, Raphael Legrand and local legend Roger Meier


>> Shirtless meadow jam featuring Alex Leist, Jakub Koštel and Giovanni Coppo


>> Ben Simoens and Dan O’Neill performing the Switch gitis


>>  Two proper legends of our sport jamming on a legendary spot. What else you want? Oh, more? So just scroll down for part 2 ;).




>> Tom Leitner and Joey Hudoklin jamming in Sheep Meadow, part 2


>> NY Jammers are used to jam in Central Park but they don’t have to go far for a proper beach jam


>> New York beach jam – part 2


>> Fabio Sanna jamming on the rocks in Central park



Another hero of the summer is Jake Gauthier who, together with his team, not only live streamed the event but also uploaded EVERY SINGLE routine of the tournament and you can watch them all on the FPAW results page.



Spread the Jam Project

STJP always deserves it’s own category. This time it features Pipo Lopez who is showing his best at Jacksonville beach…





James’s Study tapes

And more from James the Incredible. This time his study tapes where he shows his mastery. Simply the best what you can see in contemporary freestyle disc play.




>> Study tape, September 30, 2016




US Open videos

US Open took place in the beginning of Summer in Santa Cruz as probably the last big frisbee event organized there by legendary Skippy Jammer. Awsome overall event with almost hundered disc athletes participating. Besides results you can check really interesting interviews with three following significant freestylers and watch the winning routine…


>> Interview with Amy Shiller




>> Interview with Chipper “Bro” Bell


>> Interview with Lori Daniels


>> Winning routine of the Czech power team – Pavel Baranyk and Jakub Koštel




Ayal’s Jamories

Another busy freestyle producer is Ayal Benin (also the tournament director of The first Jam Canaria). This time he released many awsome jam videos from his visit in Karlsruhe.


>> Jamories #10 – Summer time @ Karlsruhe




>> Jamories #10 – Summer time @ Karlsruhe – part 2


>> Jamories #10 – Summer time @ Karlsruhe – part 3


>> Jamories #11 – World Gitis Day @ Karlsruhe – part 1


>> Jamories #11.5 – World Gitis Day @ Karlsruhe – part 2


>> Jamories #11 – World Gitis Day @ Karlsruhe – part 3


>> Jamories #11 – World Gitis Day @ Karlsruhe – part 4





Ayal’s videos took us from USA to Europe so let’s stay there for a while 🙂


>> Tommy Leitner’s 2015 beach hightlights – Wow. Just WOW…



>> Heidelberg jam – Tom Leitner captured some hot jamming in Heidelberg where a group of players visited after last year’s Worlds in Karlsruhe.


>>The Mayfly Dance – Pirates from Brighton in action


>> The bid to host FPA Worlds in 2018 – Jammers in Rome are ready! Nice video with some pictures from European Freestyle Disc Open (EFO) which the Romans hosted in 2014.


>> Dunk am Strand 6 – Stefan Dünkel from Berlin is showing his impressive beach skills in another of his videos.


>> Debki Plaza – Great teaser video for Sandslash which is the exeptional tournament on the beach of the Baltic sea in Poland. Made by the grandmaster Stefan Stoll.


>> Serge Marconi from Rome showing some hard moves on the beach.


>> John Yosserian from Poland showing his progress with Whizring on the beach


>> John again, this time with the disc


>> Jan Sörensen showing his beach skills in Denmark, his homeland. Nice camera with some interesting angles.



Other videos

Here are some “uncategorized” videos from around the world.


>> During their summer West-coast trip Jakub and Benno ended up in San Diego and enjoyed many great jams with the locals who all happened to be the world champions. Here are two videos from beautiful La Jolla beach. Rick LeBau behind the camera.




>> La Jolla jam – Jakub, Benno and The Shillers



>> Jan Sörensen showing his disc-twirling skills on the World’s biggest dam in China.





Some new freestyle related Youtube channels have emerged during this summer. They are definitely worth following.


Larry Imperiale’s channel – Larry has recently uploaded many jewels from the freestyle history. Enjoy watching many great routines from 70’s and 80’s.


MedellínFreeStyle – Jammers from Medellín are out there and jamming. Check out their recent videos.


Frisbee Fever Rovereto – These guys from northern Italy really caught the frisbee fever because they are ON FIRE! Really impressive skills for their not even 3 years of playing.


Jam Canaria 2017 – New channel for the upcoming tournament on Canary Islands already containing few teaser videos introducing their beach.





Ryan Young made three new tutorial videos which are useful especially for beginning players. 




>> Rim delay set tutorial


>> Catching routine tutorial



Congratulations if you got through to here! 🙂  Now go out and jam!