Dear FPAW2016 Competitors,


the premier event of the season will start in less then three weeks and the organizers need your help to run it as smooth as possible.


Please check the current list of teams on tournament website and if you can provide any new information please let Roger know ASAP.


Send Music by Email

To speedup the music collection process you can help by sending your music as an mp3 file to following email address:


Please use following filename convention:







If you want to use one song for every round you can send it once without the round name:





If you want to use your mp3 player device you have to plug this in, and you have to start the music by yourself before your round.


If you do this, you are not able to restart your routine due to a music malfunction (see competition manual  706.03 D.)


Routine length

Routines in the Semifinals and Finals of Open Pairs, Mixed Pairs and Women’s Pairs are four minutes. Routines before the Semifinals of these divisions are three minutes.


Routines in the Semifinals and Finals of Open Co-op are five minutes. Routines in rounds before the Semifinals of Open Co-op are four minutes.


The Magical Mystery Tour

Soon the special pre-worlds event will be announced. From Thursday July 28th through the Tuesday before FPAW there will be a series of tours focusing on different sections of NYC each day. A tentative schedule is up on the Website under NYC Tours.



Thank you in advance for helping FPAW organizers in this process and keep checking the website for updates!