Friends: Now that voting for one big election has been completed ?, it is time for FPA members across the world to vote for two members of the FPA’s board of directors. This year, the positions that are up for a vote are Competition Director and Education Director. We had a nomination process and the people described below were the only people who were nominated by the members. Please read their statements and then



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Please vote by Sunday, November 15. To vote, you will need your FPA membership number. Only active FPA members (those who have paid their 2020 dues) are eligible to vote. You can find both your membership number, and your status you can find here.


The 2020 Nominees for the FPA Board of Directors:




Thomas Nötzel

Hello, I am Thomas Nötzel and I have been in love with disc sports since 2007. My competitive career started in 2008. Since 2017 I am the Competition Director for the FPA.


The biggest part of my work within the last three years were organizing the EFO 2018 in Berlin and overlooking the process of the judging system changes we want to implement for 2021.


The work is sometimes challenging, but the joy of supporting our sport is a fair payback.


My goal, if you guys elect me for another period, would be to create a single division. During the pandemic this was the only way to compete and I have the feeling that players and spectators had a lot of fun with the 1 vs 1 formats. The only problem I see is that it’s not comparable with the team competitions. So I’d like to put my energy on a single ranking system if it’s wanted by the FPA members.


Thanks for the trust in the last three years!


Love and peace






Jens Velasquez


Target Middle School Age Kids (in USA 11-13 year-olds) – many kids become well-entrenched in the traditional sports by the time they reach USA high school age 14-18 and specialization has become very big. Middle school age kids are still a blank slate (proven by several successful Ultimate programs in NJ and USA). Sustainability & Create/Re-introduce a Teaching Template (ala Disc-Course) for places like schools, YMCA’s, Summer Camps, etc. Must train teachers, coaches, players so when the clinic/camp is over learning and play will continue. Club creation is a critical factor.


Create More Opportunities – Events, clinics, tournaments, competitions where players can test and showcase their skills, meet other players and groups. State/city/local competitions are great simple examples (again club creation is a critical factor).


I would also like to collaborate and coordinate this effort more closely with the different country organizations.


Thank you,