Greetings freestyle players and interested others!

A few years have gone by since the FPA held its annual disc design contest to find a new art for the official disc of our organization honoring the World champions from the given year. The reason for the hiatus is quite obvious – because of the Covid pandemic the FPAW had to be postponed by 2 years and also manufacturers struggled with the disc production. Those times are hopefully gone, SkyStylers are being made again and 2022 World champions have been crowned in Milano this September. So it is time to have a new disc! 


We are now open to submissions for the 2022 FPA discs which will be traditionally printed on Discraft SkyStylers and Wham-O 100-molds. The FPA Board will review all the submissions and will choose one winner.


If your design is selected as the 2022 FPA Disc, you will receive:

  • 5 Skystyler and 5 100-mold discs with YOUR design! 
  • Shout-outs and links on the FPA website and social media!


  1. Please include the words “Freestyle Players Association” and ”” for the Discraft Skystylers and Wham-O 100-molds
  2. Also, include the FPA’s logo (download it in vectors here) as well as Discraft’s logo (only for the SkyStylers; to be found here)
  3. Names of the 2022 FPA World Champions* must be included in the design

*Current 2022 champions:

Bianca Koštelová and Ilka Simon (Women’s pairs)

Edoardo Turri and Benedicte Audet (Mixed pairs)

James Wiseman and Mehrdad Hosseinian (Open pairs)

Ryan Young, Pavel Baranyk and James Wiseman (Co-op)

  1. Print specs for the disc are as follows:
  • Light ink (no large solid areas) and very little or no ink in the center. Jammers will want to delay the disc upside down, so we need space in the center to allow this;
  • Two ink (= foil) colors. You can choose different color combinations for different disc (plastic) colors, although it is preferable that the one color combination is working for all disc colors (usually we do yellow, white and orange). Check all available ink (= foil) colors here
  • If your design is selected, then we will have you split the two colors into separate files/layers. But, for the contest, please send us one file with both colors featured.
  1. IMPORTANT – please review the art requirements as described by Discraft. It is mandatory the art meet the following requirements before any art is chosen


Send questions and artwork to Artwork will be organized and narrowed down by the FPA Board of Directors. Artwork selected becomes property of the FPA and the FPA reserves the right to modify the selected design.




We look forward to receiving your designs and thank you all for your continued support of the Freestyle Players Association!


With Zzzzs,

*Your FPA Board of Directors*


For the reference and inspiration, here you can check the winning designs from past years: