The Vikings are cheerfully and berserkly welcoming you to the very first freestyle frisbee event being held beyond the arctic circle. Where the sun never sets this time of the year. Kvaløya (tranl. eng. “Whale Island”) is located 20 minutes from the airport of Tromsø, Norway, 1700km, i.e. 2 hours by plane, north of Oslo, where the Vikings live.


We have booked a hundred year old log house at the root of the mountain, next to the sea, for accommodation. 4 beds and a couch + x mattresses, and a wood fire cabin with 3 beds and a couch, 5minutes away from the beach.


Depending on the direction of the wind, we will go to other beaches. 15-20 minutes by car around the island.


The party will be held in a traditional indigenous Sami “Gamme” decorated by the eight seasons and of course with a bar.


To our disposal is also a wood fire sauna next to the sea.


Please get in touch, pm me, on facebook (Cedric Stevens) or Norway Jammers, if you consider coming or if you have any questions.


Greetings from Norway


PS! Some pictures from where we will stay:

Place & Time