Jam Britannia, a fixture on the freestyle Frisbee calendar. I like the sound of that! For this we have the love and energy of the global Jamily to thank for.


The J.B.O.C. worked hard this year to create, innovate and shape great off-field amusement in between hot tournament action and It was wonderful to see ideas hatched in meetings, take wing and fly at this year’s Jammy B.


Despite jet lag, coughs and sneezes threatening to hinder the production of Hein, jammers delivered a scintillating array of routines. You’ll never want to say arrivederci to the superb boys from Roma. The ever adaptable hat division proved more fun than anticipated – even with mystery jammers!!! And the grace, beauty and carefully considered routines delivered in mixed, provided a real shine to proceedings.


Our Friday night soiree featured Le Grand’s ingenious plastic creations, a heartfelt rendition of ‘Folsom Prison’ that had lags at nearby Wormwood Scrubs prison sharpening their shanks in appreciation and Jammy B’s own Jean Noel who inspired performances from the Jamily and beyond. Saturday night wasn’t too shabby either.
Many thanks to the far and wide Global Jamily for travelling to London for Jam Britannia we couldn’t have done it without you. Let’s do it all again next year at Jammy B III.


Jam Britannia Organising Committee




Many photos and videos to be found on event’s facebook page and in the Jam Britania facebook group.


Videos by Chris Bellaj:


Report & Results by Tom Leitner


The 2016 Jam Britannia II freestyle frisbee event held in West London this past weekend was beyond Hunky-Dory it was Brilliant – absolutely the Bee’s Knees! Many Cheers were had and we were all Knackered after jamming and dancing our Bollocks off to some really Scrummy Brit-rock tunes!


Players from as far as America and all across Europe descended on Willesden Hall for the 2nd edition of what has become one of the most anticipated events on the European schedule. This year there were players from 11 countries! (America, England, Norway, Denmark, Poland, France, Belgium, Germany, Czech, Italy and Israel)


Here are some highlights…


– Friday’s walk around Abbey Road
– Friday night’s talent show with Jason Salkey’s freestyle interpretation of Shakespeare
– Friday night’s dance party and Raphael Le Grand’s disc art show at the Junction
– Singer / guitarist Jean Noel rocked – as did the passerby who sang her heart out acapella!
– Freestyle Player cards featuring ratings for Z’s and Jam Power (thanks Raphael!)
– Wonderfully designed Jam Britannia schwag – mugs, shirts, discs, posters, player cards etc.
– Getting to jam, dance and rock out to DJ Daniel Dub Step’s sublime mixes all weekend
– Many shredding routines during Saturday’s co-op semis highlighted by Capocotta Jammers (Andrea, Fabio and me) as well as James, Alex an Bibi who rock’d the house
– 20 hat pairs in the “Magical Mystery” hat semi with Robert Dittrich and Raphael Le Grand getting the highest scores from the Mystery judges
– hat participants were judged how they played relative to their level – Xtra points given if they rose above their normal level
– Sunday’s Mixed pairs finals where all the teams played well – especially Jakub and Bibi with only 1 drop!
– Re-randomized “Magical Mystery” 9 team hat finals with James and Jakub going off the charts and a few extra Mystery players added to the finals hat flurry of fun
– New world records set! Foot taps in a row (15 Raphael – 15 Steffen V), Most scarecrows in a minute (Jan S 41), Most kerfuffles (Jason S, 4)
– Jason bringing his TV and VCR to the Junction so we could watch never before seen footage of Donnie Rhodes, Sue Strait, Konn Kummins, John Dwork, Jeff Felberbaum, Steve Hubbard, Rose Bowl semis, etc.


Thanks sooooo much to Jason Salkey, Jason McGlade, Dan Dub Step and the UK crew for working their arses off making Jammy B such an enjoyable and memorable event!!!!!




Mixed pairs Finals


1. Bianca Strunz / Jakub Kostel
2. Ilka Simon / Andrea Rimatori
3. Char Powel / Mehrdad ‘Graf’ Hosseinian
4. Sophie Rickers / Francesco Santolin



Open Co-op Finals
1. Andrea Rimatori / Fabio Nizzo / Tom Leitner
2. Freddy Finner / Mehrdad ‘Graf’ Hosseinian / Raphael Le Grand
3. Alex Leist / James Wiseman / Bianca Strunz
4. Toby Kunzel / Char Powel / Robert Dittrich
5. Jason Salkey / Paul Kenny / Gordy Brown
6. Ayal Benin / Jakub Kostel / Thomas Neotzel



Open Co-op Semis


Semi pool A

1. Andrea Rimatori / Fabio Nizzo / Tom Leitner
2. Jason Salkey / Paul Kenny / Gordy Brown
3. Toby Kunzel / Char Powel / Robert Dittrich
4. Francesco Santolin / Steffen Verstichelen / Andre Zaharias
5. Mikey Callaghan / Andy Absolom / Cedric Stevens


Semi pool B
1. Alex Leist / James Wiseman / Bianca Strunz
2. Freddy Finner / Mehrdad ‘Graf’ Hosseinian / Raphael Le Grand
3. Ayal Benin / Jakub Kostel / Thomas Neotzel
4. Michal Maciolek / Oren Meron / Ilka Simon
5. Ziv Lavy / Daniel Weinbuch / Sophie Rickers



Hat Finals


1. James Wiseman / Jakub Kostel
2. Alex Leist / Toby ‘thin Lizzy’ Kunzel
3. Mehrdad ‘Graf’ Hosseinian / Jan Soerensen
T4. Bianca Strunz / Sophie Rickers
T4. Robert Dittrich / Raphael Le Grand
T4. Steffen Verstichelen / Fabio Nizzo
T4. Ilka Simon / Tom Leitner
T4. Jason Salkey / Jason McGlade
T4. Ayal Benin / Andy Absolom
T4. Steven Lee Rhodes / Daniel Dub Step
T4. Thomas Noetzel / Julien Menetrat



Hat Semis


1. Robert Dittrich / Raphael Le Grand
2. Alex Leist / Ilka Simon
3. Ayal Benin / Jason Salkey
4. Thomas Noetzel / James Wiseman
5. Fabio Nizzo / Jan Soerensen
6. Steffen Verstichelen / Jakub Kostel
7. Tom Leitner / Sophie Rickers
8. Andy Absolom / Bianca Strunz
8. Mehrdad ‘Graf’ Hosseinian / Daniel Dub Step
T10. Freddy Finner / Gur Kimmel
T10. Michal Maciolek / Alex Afek
T10. Char Powel / Julien Menetrat
T10. Gordy Brown / Greg Marter
T10. Andre Zaharias / Ziv Lavy
T10. Mikey Callaghan / Toby Kunzel
T10. Andrea Rimatori / Chris Bellaj
T10. Francesco Santolin / Daniel Weinbuch
T10. Paul Kenny / Jason McGlade
T10. Toby ‘Queen Liz’ Kunzel* / Steven Lee Rhodes


*played twice because of odd number of participants

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