Dear Jammily,


I want to invite you to Karlsruhe, for the first tournament in 2020!
In den Hallen – “In the Halls” is a traditional winter indoor tournament in Karlsruhe.


You can expect a warm welcome, exhausted jams, a big crowd, common breakfast and dinners, organized accomodation, hot party, crazy games, media coverage and motivating workshops!

In den Hallen 2020
Freestyle Frisbee Tournament
4th  + 5th of  January 2020
Karlsruhe / Germany


This year we’ll play Open Pairs with fixed partners and an Open Coop Hat Tournament!


Accommodation at the domitory directly on the eventsite with prepared matresses and pillows.


Location : SSC Sport 21 / Am Fächerbad 4 / 76131 Karlsruhe / Germany







Come to Karlsruhe –  we are waiting for you!

– FL◎
and Team Freestyle Karlsruhe


Place & Time