The legendary Frisbeer Cup, World’s largest indoor freestyle disc tournament, will be back on 9. – 11. March 2018.


What you can expect:


– 3 days of competition in the biggest gym Prague can offer
– many of your friends on the same jam-floor
– competition on the TOP level
– electronic judging system
– shorter routines (3 and 4 min)
– challengers (rookie) division for at least open pairs
– battle or some other non-standard (and fun!) format
– affordable accomodation
– low prices in general
– proximity to the city centre
– nice players package (plus ALL Beerclusive option)
– reduced fees for newcomers
– live streaming for those who won’t be able to come
– plenty of jam time
– great parties
– endless fun 😉
Registration will be launched during November / December 2017
Follow the facebook event page for more updates:

Place & Time