The 2016 Anzio Jam 3 was in many ways like a dream come true…


For years I’ve dreamt of having a super-jam on Rivazzura Beach in Anzio with good wind and weather – and unluckily for the first 2 editions of Anzio Jam we had little or inconsistent wind and not so many players. Last weekend the dream finally came true – as the 40+ players who came were greeted by a huge, flat beach, sweet wind, great music, beers, wine and jah vibes….the feeling goes beyond words…


On Friday we had a sunny day in the center of Rome and had a big jam in front of Castle St. Angelo where the late legendary Roman jammer Andrea ‘Pitone’ Farnocchia would organize jams years ago. Then it was off to the EurHop beer festival Friday night to taste some of the best and freshest beers in Europe.


On Saturday there was nice wind and the day was filled with jamming between the semi final rounds. The rain held off until we had all climbed the stairs leaving the beach – then a big thunder storm hit and it rained heavily all night until morning.


On Sunday it was blue skies and perfect beach breezes for the finals.


We divided mixed pairs into Amatuer (2 minute) and Pro (4 minute) divisions. Marzia Abboni and Frederico ‘Biko’ Iommi won the Amatuer division playing superbly and Anna Merlot and Freddy Finner won the Pro mixed division for Anna’s first win – Congrats!


In the open pairs final each team had at least a few spectacular moves taking advantage of the perfect playing conditions. Congrats to Andrea Rimatori and Sascha Hoene for taking the title and big props for the great play of Fabio Nizzo and Marco ‘Cujo’ Chessa who took 2nd as well as Dario Giusti and Alessandro ‘Dolcetta’ Damiano who placed 3rd and also shredded.


The spirit of the jam award was given to Phil Kruger… He and the whole German crew seemed to never stop playing all weekend!


Big thanks to…

* Andy from Brighton for filming all the finals and Catia from Bologna for help filming the semis
* to Raffa for announcing and handling the music and time calls
* to Ilaria for organizing the dinner
* to Andrea Rimatori and Fabiana for help hosting players
* and to Fabio ‘Sappo’ Vinciguerra for taking such beautiful photos


…and a very special thanks to Andrea Izzo, Dario Giusti and Francesco Romano for designing and printing the tournament t-shirts as a gift to all the players!


and to Fabio Nizzo for providing the sound system and trophies!


In the end the beach was filled with super jam after super jam until and after sunset!


Freddy Finner summed it up well saying his facial muscles were hurting from so much smiling….


Hope to Z ya next year for Anzio Jam 4 – and if so come early and stay late – just ask the Germans about the Monday jam!!!


– Tom



Open pairs finals


1.   Andrea Rimatori – Sascha Höhne [video]

2.   Fabio Nizzo – Marco Chessa [video]

3.   Dario Giusti – Alessandro Damiano [video]

4.   Tom Leitner – Freddy Finner

5.   Andrea Izzo – Francesco Romeo [video]

6.   Phil Krüger – Thomas Nötzel

7.   Stefan Dünkel – Philipp Sherwood

8.   Fabrizio Nicco – Paolo Mirabelli

9.   Mattia Lambertini – Fabrizio De Rossi



Open pairs Pool A


1.   Andrea Rimatori – Sascha Höhne

2.   Dario Giusti – Alessandro Damiano

3.   Mattia Lambertini – Fabrizio De Rossi

4.   Stefan Dünkel – Philipp Sherwood

4T. Fabrizio Nicco – Paolo Mirabelli

5.   Edoardo Favorini – Roberto Borghesi

6.   Andrea Marciano – Fabio Vinciguerra

7.   Raffaele Pilla – Andy Absolom

8.   Luana Morelli – Frederico Iommi


Open pairs Pool B


1.   Tom Leitner – Freddy Finner

2.   Fabio Nizzo – Marco Chessa

3.   Andrea Izzo – Francesco Romeo

4.   Phil Krüger – Thomas Nötzel

5.   Ramon Galliani – Francesco Santolini

5T. Claudio Massaro – Jessie Skomroch

7.   Fabiana Ciciriello – Lorenzo Modarelli

8.   Andrea Stazi – Marzia?



Mixed pairs Finals – PRO (4 min rounds)


1.   Anna Merlo – Freddy Finner [video]

2.   Jessie Skomroch – Sascha Höhne

3.   Fabiana Ciciriello – Thomas Nötzel



Mixed pairs finals – Amateur  (2 min rounds)


1.   Marzia Abboni – Frederico Iommi

2.   Giulia Chanvre – Edoardo Favorini

3.   Catia Brandi  – Mattia Lambertini



Photos & videos




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