Ah, the weather was perfect for Beachstylers 6. The jams were small, but fired up. The parties were intimate, with plenty “o” food and drink. And the trophies were solid….concrete. Kudos to all who showed and participated.


Turboshred went well. Tight and compact…easy to understand. Non-jammers love it. Paul was not to be denied. Crazy turnovers, multi discs, buttery rolls, and peel-outs galore helped him bump Murf from the top spot. Murf did the MTA backroll, 3-disc juggling, and a sweet grovel combo, showing all that his skillz are deep and varied. Amy hit 3 very solid, yes solid, combos for the 4th spot. Joel had a strong opening bad ad to set the tone, and Bob did, well, what Bob does best. Micro brushing, with unbelievable saves, and ferocious kicks. He was just one furry sea mammal from victory. Honorable mention to Charles, who was the same sea mammal away from making the finals, showing everyone that his presentation is excellent, the Honorable Judge Buti, who crushed like the Buti of days past all weekend long, and to Sir Doug Korns, who is healed up, and on top of his game.


It was great to see the OC folks, Billy and Jimmy D make a strong appearance. Danny Cam made the Sunday jam, and Ms. Joan was fired up as well. Many thanx to Dan Schmitt, who dragged out his early jam mentor; his crusty brother, Paul, an original Minn. ultimate pioneer.


70.00not finals
80.00not finals

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