From Tom L:

Players from 7 countries converged in Prague last weekend for the ‘Czech Open’ Freestyle event. They came from Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Denmark, Czech Republic and the US (by way of Italy).

There were several new Czech players who have been playing less than a year and are already becoming good freestylers – combine that with the remarkable improvement of the players who had competed in last year’s Frisbeer Cup and you can now officially put Prague on the map as a freestyle Mecca.

You couldn’t help but feel that this weekend was of the start of something – maybe what the first really sucessful Paganello freestyle event felt like. One day we might look back at this tournament and say it was the turning point for freestyle in Eastern Europe.

Here’s just a few highlights from the event…

The Czech Bros making it to the finals in co-op

The Women’s Demo during the finals with Bianca and Ilka

Sasha busting moves and making the finals – then placing 2nd with Jan and Pavel B.

Piccio flying in for the party Saturday night

Clay and Claudio Cigna coming out to the disco to join the fun

The Hungarian phenoms – Balu and Geri crushing their routine Saturday then hitting it again on Sunday

The 3 Jans – Soerensen, Shreck and Struz (aka Dexter) who all shredded!

Philipp Lenarz going off in the finals and placing 3rd with Fabio Caruso

Vasik’s footbag demo – was at first mesmerizing then mind blowing

National TV coverage of the event – it was shown on prime time Saturday night – and later they’ll be a full show about the event.

Pavel winning the spirit of the game award for all his work organizing the event and arranging accomodations for so many players


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