Hola Amigos,

Today August 5 we had the Puerto Rico National Freestyle Championships as part of the Michelob Ultra Summer Games.

Additional to Freestyle Frisbee the event had, Footbag consecutive, beach paddle ball, kite surfing, wind surfing, beach volleyball and some others.

The competition was in El Ultimo Trolley Beach in San Juan, not the best for freestyle. To make it more difficult the wind change right before we started from sea breeze to land crazy wind but we play anyway.

The format was the classic Puerto Rico style with a little change. Each player had 10 throws and it was judged by the other players with a score from 1 to 10 for each phrase (difficulty and execution together). The little change was that the non competing players at the moment scored each phrase verbally and the average was wrote as the score. Every body had to agree in each score before the next phrase was played (the player that was executing at the time didn’t have any knowledge of the score). It was interesting, educational and fast.


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