Boxmeer WinterJam is over a week ago now, but i feel I should tell you a bit about it.

Boxmeer WinterJam: Januari 21, 2007

The Boxmeer Posse had arranged the nice big sportshal again, but i guess most of the Dutch Jammers followed the warning on the news not travel due to (yet another) storm (that didn’t happen this time;)
After all: 4 Dutchies don’t make a competition do they?
Luckely some German Jammers had showed up so we could do a pairs competition in which 6 teams participated.

Germany’s regulars on Dutch tournaments Boguslaw Bull and Holger Hill (Dortmund) were present. “But of course.” One of them replied.
Also i saw some new faces that instantly became part of tha Jam’n family. I wish we’ll be Z’ing each other many times, for a long time.

It seems the German Freestyle community is growing faster than the Dutch. The youngest were Jascha and Ilka, a mixed team from Dortmund. Only practising since April last year but great skills, Jascha was the only person i saw catching a gitis during their routine. I never saw Paul, Henrik and André on the field yet, but they showed enough experience to make this competition a close one. Only 1.73 difference between first and last.
Last one in was Bram but he sure gets my vote for Spirit of the game!
The routine for local Bram was hard. He was ‘alone’. Although Michel, Frank’s partner during competition, was throwing big ‘Z’s Bram had to do all the moves. It must have been an exhausting time to him. I do hope you still like competing after this Bram? As I wish that all of you reading this will go on competing. Not because of competition, but getting together.

For next Boxmeer events:
Many low-budget airlines (Ryan air for example) fly to (the very) near airport Eindhoven. A ticket costs up to 100 euro for a return ticket from most European big cities when planned ahead.

There were only 11 jammers this time but the hall is big enough to fit over a 100 (And 250+ seated audience).

Big thanks go to Frank, DJ Jelle (!!!), Michel, Bram (& most likely some others) that take the effort to arrange this whole setting in ‘t Hoogkoor.
Article in local Newspaper =

‘Z’ Ya


Ps: the hall is part of a public swimming pool. Next year swimming Boxmeer?


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