The Jammers 2006.
Paul asked if I would do a little write-up about this year’s Jammers and share my perspective. I winced and agreed to share a little of what made this such a special weekend for me and my family. OK, maybe too much.
I started playing frisbee 26 years ago and the most memorable tournament I have ever been to is: This year’s Jammers.
Two things. First, my 14-year-old son, Josh, flew down from Connecticut and I watched him with pride; he was so excited to meet the world’s top players, and silently watching him treat each Jammer with respect, with reverance and with an enthusiasm to learn was something very special to me. Secondly, silently watching the Jammers here, welcoming Josh with respect, teaching him with patience and with enthusiasm was something very special to me. This weekend filled me with a pretty amazing feeling – loving my son like I do and loving this sport like I do – this weekend made me proud to be both a Father and a humble Jammer amongst all of you. You guys are great. Thanks you guys. Seriously, Thanks.
For those that have not been able to be here for The Jammers, Paul and Cheryl Kenny make you feel so welcome, and so glad to be here. They handle the small details and it is taken care of with love and with a caring and a passion that I have not seen with such purity. This is a tournament that somehow survives being ruled by uncontrollable elements such as the tides, the winds, and the weather. Paul not only makes you feel like being a Jammer is something special, he does it with a kind of in-your-face-scruffy-cheek-to-cheek-big-wet-kiss-hug-special-kind-of way.
Random Magic Moments in no particular order…
ZZZZ’s from Murf. Channel 4 News Beachcam Jam and interview with Paul and Murf. (I don’t think I’ve ever nailed up at 6:15 am before!) After all the anticipation, finally picking up Josh at The Sprinkler. Lori, Sara and Jeff O all saying at different times that they had a great jam together and being able to tell how they really really meant it. Traditional Almond Flavored Tequila. Welcome Jeff. David choosing to climb out of his crib for the very first time and multiple times after that. My patient Michele who let her husband play frisbee all day on the beach for 6 days and spent her Anniversary husbandless chasing a 21-month-old around who just learned how to climb out of his crib. I love you Bum Bum. Beach jamming and wishing someday I’d be as good as Cindy. Jamming with Tito. Gary Auerbach’s well-timed call to share the Love. He also was hoping for some illicit pics of secretly applied tattoos he provided, but I knew of none to offer. (Maybe if we only still had the
Celtic’s Room…) Squatters Rights. The Popeye Omelet. Convenient Chairs and Gatorade.
Jammer of the tournament, Pat Marron. Jammer of the day, Josh Emerson. Hearing Murf say he had the best jam in 5 years. Hearing Jeff O’Brien say he tried to “Gitosis Out” but settled on doing a “gitis brush gitis brush gitis, instead”…Oh wait – “Twice!”… Sushi. Mexican. Red Wine. Burgers. More Sushi. Jeff O’Brien bringing a Juicer all the way from Colorado for Margaritas. We like Jeff a lot. Watching Jeff Kruger shred. Dave Lewis and his encouraging, enthusiastic throws to Josh for like, 8 hours, until Josh finally nailed the seemingly uninvented Spinitis. Watching Pipo play the winds. Watching Irwin spin and seal it time and again. Seeing Hos show up Sunday night after a Golf Tournament because, well, just because. That says a lot. Jan wanting freestyle to become a “contact sport.” Jeff O doing a gitosis with authority on his first tournament attempt at the move. Hare Krishnas. That is, Hare Krishnas during Rodney and Jake’s routine. Watching Anne get better and better.
Watching Steve Scannell and thinking, “Wow, he too keeps getting better and better!” Watching a very entertaining routine from Rico and Jamie. Also watching very entertaining routines from Jamie without Rico! Watching Paul & Pat shred. Watching Jake doing this oh-so-quick-under-the-leg-brush and then realizing duh, that was to me… Josh bodysurfing. Once. Vic and the daiper bag. Thanks Vic. Hearing that Michele is talking religion at 1am with Jamie and Craig and me deciding to avoid Paul’s front yard until it was time to leave. Jeff saying we spent an hour not wanting the night to end and two hours convincing Michele it was time for the night to end. Josh spending more time with Murf and Dave Lewis than with his own father. Josh going airborn over my head and catching the disc. Sushi cell phone calls. Michele saying that she would never have thought Rodney and Bethany were married, because they act like they are still dating.
Paul’s recognition of things that matter during The Feast and Awards. Irwin giving the FPA’s namesake Jam of the Year Award to Jake et all. The Dave Lewis Photo during Paul’s Feast and Awards. The repetitive Dave Lewis Reaction during Paul’s Feast and Awards. More traditional almond flavored Tequila. Michele’s Lasagna and sauce, my mom’s Keilbasa. Jeanine’s seafood casserole. Tito’s son Alex stoked for getting a medal. Seeing the endless contributions, the unselfish giving of time and effort from Jeanine, Bernie and Hubby, Ma Kenny (aka newly found Grandma Kenny to Josh and David), JT and Crew, Dan Berman, Lori, Bethany, and Anne. I know I missed so many others.
During the weekend, so many things were said, were done, and were shared with Michele, Josh, David & me, that we felt so blessed. We would like to send big hugs to Paul and Cheryl. Jeanine. Murf. Jeff O’Brien. Dave Lewis. Sara Bergman. Gilbert. Tito and Alex. Ma Kenny. Lori. Pipo. Larry. Jan. Pat. Jamie. Craig. Dan. Just re-reading your names makes me smile. Thanks.
And one last note – Josh just called tonight. Today was his first day back and he had to pitch in a key baseball game for his school. He threw a no-hitter.
He said it was nothing compared to this weekend.


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