The resurrection of Indian Summer coincided witih what else but…indian summer. Two 80+ degree days and a sweet wind on Sunday were heaven for the freestylers.

The competition used the pinball judging system, which rewards a mix of difficulty and hitting specific bonus moves during a routine. Three bonus moves were worth up to five points each, depending on the quality shown. Three super bonus moves were worth either 5 points or 0 points. If you did the move successfully, you got 5. Otherwise, zippo. Add a difficulty mark from 1-10 to get each team’s finals score.

For the pro division, bonus points were given out for a roll to a teammate’s catch, a brushing run and an aerial catch. Super bonuses were given out for a footbrush, a multiple spinning catch and a turnover.

For the amateur division, bonuses were given for a tipping combo, an airbrush to a catch, and a nail delay. Super bonuses were given for a bodyroll, a footbrush and any trick catch besides a UTL or THE.


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