I overslept (bigtime) so arrived in Boxmeer ‘just a little’ late. Luckely the sportshall could be used all day so there was enough time left for some major jamming. My muscles still are sore. It’s tuesday now;)
Frank, Michel & their growing Boxmeer Posse did a good job on localy promoting this event so there was audience. (200+ at the moment i came in and even more during the rest of the day).
The Jam was in a great and big;) sportshal. The soundsystem, video taping and showing freestyle footage on bigscreen were all taken care of by DJ Jelle. The audience was giving enthousiastic responses to almost every move that was pulled of by the jammers (drops, no problem;) and it felt nice to be (just) jamming and still make a crowd cheer.
About 15 jammers showed up; The Dutch, including Boxmeer Posse, Gregory and Mike Ocon, Bo and Holger from Dortmund brought a new jammer to the field (a natural, who’s been playing for a few months, but allready does his tricks. I hope he will keep Jamming), and last but not least it was great ‘Z’ Dean again, who left Belgium for a day to be jamming also.

How wonderfull it is to be ‘destracted’ from our hybernating process.

If the Boxmeer posse is going to organize these kind of events more often:
– I wish for you to be part of it too.


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