Wintershred IV Review

Last year Wintershred was held in near perfect conditions and this year, incredibly, the weather turned out to be even nicer. Again, we had another great group of jammers, most who came from all over Northern California, but also, Mike Galloupe from Seattle and Dr. Bob Morrissey from Northern Arizona.

The highlight of the day were the mob-ops, early in the day with steady light breezes and especially the mobbing after the Pairs competition, when the wind started to pick up. We had two mobs going nearly always, with about six jammers in each rotating from one to the other.

Two players who really stood out all day were Skippy and Arthur Coddington. Different styles, yet both consummate jammers, busting out solid indies and making even the most difficult passes look easy. Skippy went off many times combining near impossible skid combos with clean solid spinning seals. He gets into a kind of against rhythm, then from some restricted position shoots out a perfect sets to a huge seal. Arthur was churning out huge multi-spinning combinations with his usual ease. But it was also cool to experience his excellent passing game during the mobs.

It was a treat to have distant jammers Bob and Mike come and share the shred. Mike was tearing up the sand with his athletic style and huge air catches. He landed on the sand after one particularly high flying gitis, which probably measured on the Richter scale in nearby Golden Gate Park. I haven’t felt one like that since the days when Matt Gauthier was shakin’ the Ocean Beach sand. And speaking of gitis… Dr. Bob hit a few triple spinning ones during the day.

The local NorCal group has a wide variety of styles, and each of come from areas at least an hour away, but we all feel right at home on the flat hard packed sand at Ocean Beach. Laying it all out on the sand were Scott Weaver, Steve Stotter, Melissa Trail, Mike Esterbrook, Tam Wolfe, Doug Korns, Bob Culbertson, Mark Regalbuti, and Keith Kleiner. It was also very cool to have the legendary over-all Frisbee player Andrew Lemman present to show off his stylin’ side.

I would like to especially thank Doug Korns and Bob Culbertson for providing the sound system and with logistical help, Mike and Tam for photo duty, and to everyone else for providing a vibe that we’ll all remember for long time.
Thank you.

Carl Dobson


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