By Matt Gauthier

The Seaside Super Hein came to a close this weekend with a new Champion! The new Super Hein is Randy Silvey! He claimed the title with three solid performances. A tie for first in pairs, third in turbo shred, and a win in the mob-op.

Jamming started on Friday with wicked rains and a promise for good weather on Saturday. We met indoors and jammed just long enough to get hungry and meet for mexican food. Saturday began with a ghetto fabulous breakfast of pancakes, eggs, milk, coffee, yogurt,toast, bagels, o.j., and other things. We had a small meeting for the format, and went straight to the field. The weather wasn’t perfect as promised, but it was ok. The wind was stiff, but very manageable, and to the liking of many, and there were a couple of brief sprinkles. After 2:00 in the afternoon though, the weather couldn’t hold off any longer, and it brought us beautiful wind, and some pleasant sun to boot. The music system was kicking, with our music man Humpy spinning the tunes, and the jam food kept us jamming throughout the day.

Saturday was marked by beautiful play from everybody. Dave Lewis hit the most hein singles move tourney, but if there was an award to most explosive, it would have gone to Jeff Kruger with a double barrel roll brush. “WOW” Is all I can say…..I didn’t see it coming. Melissa Trail, and Mike Galoupe played pairs together. While pairs are played in random order, I think it is safe to say that they seed busted. They both played out of their minds. Look out for these two in the future. Their games are improving and they know how to use it! Saturday found people jamming into the sunset, and waiting for Sunday. The next day as promised was perfect. Close to 70 degrees, mild winds, and beach for days. I think I got sunburnt. We jammed for a few hours and people had to go home.

Thanks to everybody who made this tournament possible. And thanks to those of you who showed up. Your presence and input is appreciated. It was fun, fun, fun! A special thanks to the City of Seaside. They are completely supportive. Providing us the boyscout lodge for sleeping, the sound system, all of the food, showers, a pool, a hot tub, and a lot of good vibes. See you all at the next Super Hein! Can you claim the title?


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1293.00Seasdie Super Hein 04 title winner

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