The Freestyle competition in the Minnesota State overalls was held at Lake George, in St. Cloud. It allowed the players a nice playing venue with walking and biking traffic getting a chance to watch the jamming. Winds were variable, with the temps in the low 70’s. It was a wonderful conclusion to a weekend with with awesome San Diego like weather. Low wind, not to hot. Each team could choose to play a 3, 4, or 5 minute rountine.

Chris Sieben and Paul Thopmson showed a high level of flow and trick catches.
Brad Wendt and Mike Hughes were solid on their co-ops, and change of tempo and flow.
Pat Marron showed why he is the best player to come out of Minnesota. He combined co-ops with Rico and Mackey while displaying incredible control, variety, difficulty, and execution. His play seems to be peaking and ready for Italy.


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