It is 03:00 in the morning but I have to tell you how it went, so….

24 competitors –> 12 teams –> 2 pools –> 4 teams go to finals.

The plan was to have an open competition and some random co-ops (we wanted each player to play at least twice)

Both pools were great and it took less time then we thought it would.

We started at around 16:30 and by 17:45 we finished both pools.

At around 18:00 we had a great accuracy competition to give the crowed some more interest.

18:30 we had 5 teams for co-op and we started the finals at about 19:05.
Ayal and Yinon had a wonderful routine and they took the first place.

Arnon got the third place and the spirit award as well.

He got the ALOHA nucleus that will travel now through the players that win spirit in the next years.

To sum it all up:

It was great and we learned a lot.

Next event will be greater and better.

Israel is on the freestyle MAP now!!!

I have to sleeeeepppppp…………………

Clay, now I know how is it to be like you: organizing and competing at the same time.

But you take the first place all the time.- this I still have to learn.



30.00Spirit award winner!

Place & Time