Bella, bella, bella….

So many new players came to the Amsterjam…from
Paris Disconauts (Arno, Christophe, Jano) from
Paris Invalides (Mouse, David) from Berlin (Arne,
Kolja, Phillip, Calle, Jahncke, Jan, Anton) and
from Dortmund (Mr Hill, Boguslaw Bul), from
Copenhagen (Jan), from Antwrep (Dean), from Roma
(Edo, Lorenzo, Tommy), from Milano (Antonio,
Fabio, Matteo) from Rimini (Matteo, Andrea) from
Trieste (Fabio, Stefano, Eleanora) from Torino
(Matteo, Gaia, Sara, Alice) from Switzerland
(Reto) from Puerto Rico (Pipo), from Jacksonville
(Paul) from New York (Rob, Bruce) from Seattle
(John) from Milwuakee (Bethany and Rodney) from
Boston (Alan, Toddy), from Hawaii (Lori) from
Amsterdam (Iwan, Gregory, Ron, FFF and several

45 players from 8 countries! wow!

Iwan was a man on a mission and did not waiver
for a moment in his quest to make Amsterjam the
best frisbee experience possible. What a
weekend! bella, bella, bella….

Grazie to everybody for working on the event
and coming so we could all AmsterJam together!


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