Freestyle Frisbee Competition – June 29-30th, 2002
At Summerfest 2002, in the Milwaukee Admirals Sports Area, Milwaukee Wisconsin

Players from 7 states (Washington, Oregon, California, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and Wisconsin) travelled to Milwaukee to compete at the 2002 Summerfest Open. A new, experimental judging system and a bracket style, head-to-head format was used to determine who would make it to the final rounds and have a chance to play in front of the big crowds on Sunday.
Besides the players competing there were many sideline players as well including Rodger Hanlan, Dave Jewel, Bethany Sanchez and Steve Jennings.


Rodney’s report from Sunday…


We had a hot and humid day today at the Summerfest Sports Stage.

For me, the three best routines today were….

the Mixed Routine of Paul Kenny and Cindy Kruger. Nice frisbee work and music.

the Third Round Open Pairs routine of Tommy Leitner and Pat Marron.

and both rounds from Arthur Coddington and Dave Lewis. These guys are still showing the way….

Here are the results.

Have fun, make up games and shred,



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