The New York State Freestyle Frisbee Championships held last weekend in Warwick, NY enjoyed great weather and big crowds as Warwick celebrated its 14th annual AppleFest. Over 30,000 people attended this years AppleFest and many got a chance to see Freestyle Frisbee for the first time. Prelims took place Saturday between 4- 6pm as part of AppleFest Eve. The Village of Warwick gave the event a great location and alot of publicity–a full-page story on the front page of the sports section plus a couple of radio interviews.

The finals on Sunday were part of the entertainment for the AppleFest celebration. Large crowds got to see some great freestyle play as well as a quick instructional frisbee demo by Erwin Velasquez and Gary Auerbach. Spencer Bradley, from “Zen and the Art of Freestyle Frisbee” fame, was the MC of the event and kept things moving with his humor and knowledge of the game. He also provided those who slept over at the Barn a great breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs (folded, not stirred), thick bacon, sticky buns, and lots of coffee.

There were also a couple of frisbee dogs who entertained the crowd in between some of the routines. WCBQ radio station provided the sound system and Hannah Maxwell took care of the music.

The Freestyle Frisbee finals had $1,000.00 in prize money for the top 3 teams. Seven teams competed in the finals. The top 4 teams were so close that less than 1 point seperated all of them–the crowd got a great 90 minute show. Chris Ryan from Burlington, VT. showed up and although he said he hadn’t played in years, showed everyone that he still doesn’t suck. Paul & Mary Brenner also made it to the tournament and showed everyone that there not just great DDC players.

I would also like to mention and thank all the sponsors who made this event possible. Frank’s Pizza, WCBQ 1110 radio station, Country Chevrolet, Yesterday’s Pub, Warwick Motel, P&J Steakhouse, Meadowlark Bed & Breakfast, Breakwell, Tuscon Cafe, Warwick Valley Winery, Claudia Vaccaro Realty, The Bookstore, Sanford & Son Insurance, Eclectic Eye Antiques, Discovering the World, & Monogramming & Sporting Goods of Warwick.

I would also like to thank everyone who came out and put on a good show for the crowd. Hopefully this will happen again next year and we’ll have more sponsors and more prize money.

Special thanks also goes out to Chris Ryan, Brad Keller, Gary Auerbach, Erwin Velazquez, Hannah Maxwell, Robert Fried, Danny Doyle, Bill Newman, Spencer Bradley, Chrissy & Ted, & Scott & Deb.

Pat Rabdau


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