The weekend started with the Beast drawing a line in the sand between golf and freestyle. At the 9:00a players meeting Matt and Steve thought it was the perfect time to start a jam. In the middle of the announcements Steve deflected (kicked) the disc into a golfers ear. This guy had no idea what happened and he was ready to brawl. Fortunately Steve’s practice apologizing paid off and the golfer let him off easy…or so Steve thought. Later in the day during the distance competition the golfer’s buddy took his revenge with a killer drive right into Steve’s leg.

Luckily the rest of the weekend was a blast! The wind coming off the river Saturday was near perfect and Jake, Matt, Steve, Bob and Sarah had no qualms taking advantage of it. They hit combo after combo including one with a flamingitosis brush by Matt. As the day went on the jam grew and shrank as a few of the overalls players stepped in to test their skills. Another notable aspect was the beer and barbecue provided for the players. Special thanks to Full Sail for being the biggest sponsor of the event.

Sunday was the day of the freestyle competition. With the other events running late it was decided at the last minute to do a single pool using peer judging based on difficulty (Skippy style). There was a great turnout of non freestyle who wanted to give it a run and we were impressed by all of them. Adam, Blair and Seth decided to take the comedy route. Almost every catch was a layout. Man was it fun(ny) to watch. Sadly their diff score was below 1. Pat and Dan hit us with a good variety of throws and some nice tips. Spider and Ent pulled out some very unique moves. With a slowly spinning disc Ent pushed down hard and turned his hand over to gain control. He did this over and over under the leg, behind the back and ended with a perfect set (to a drop) to his partner. Qxhna carried the team of Bart, Randle and Qxhna . They managed to feed her spin and she’d work her magic with utl passes to beautiful chairs and flamingos. If only someone could have given Bart a good counter toss he would have broken loose as well (but not like Qxhna ;-). James and Sten-erik are Portland-ites and have dabbled in freestyle in the past. At one point they had a wonderful rhythm of speed flow which could easily be called the best speed flow on the field of the day. The change from throw to catch was expertly consecutive. John and Cliff appeared to have the most choreographed routine of the day even though they only spent 3 minutes preparing. They had beautiful passes and a great sequence of turnovers. Some actually commented on how well they ‘spoke the freestyle language’ on the field. Rhore, Vehro and Sarah shredded with multiple gitus moves. Rhore almost pulled off a phlaud set to a phlaud take. Xten and Zalen tore up the field setting the standard for the next two teams. They hit some nice reverse sets, then Zahlen took off on a brushing combo that ended in a text book china syndrome. Bob and Getty hit some stuff. What can I say, I didn’t see it but it must have rocked because Jake and Matt only beat them by .3. Rumor has it Getty caught the teams first aerial gitus to which Bob answered with a planted flamingitus. Jake and Matt got hot to take the tournament. Their multiple reverse combos and flowing passing sequences were second to none. Plus Matt sacrificed his body landing on his head to catch a barrel roll. Poor Steve’s car supposedly broke down and he went home before the competition. I think he was scared of the golfers.

Over all this tournament was an all around good time. Special thanks to all those who helped put it on and all the freestylers who traveled from out of town to help make the freestyle a powerful event. We turned some heads. I think we even picked up some new jammers. Way to go!


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