What a weekend! The weather was absolutely gorgeous. We had a great turnout resulting in 9 pairs teams on Saturday and 5 Co-op teams on Sunday. And we had the first Mixed Division in our 5 year history. Hopefully the days of Tam Wolfe being the lone woman are behind us.

As always, the central part of the “Manresa Experience” was camping out next to the beach. The highlights of that was a midnight jam by Tommy L, Alan Caplin, Melissa Trail, Johnny O’mally and Mark Regalbuti. Another highlight was Alpha, the Jammer family dog was sprayed by a skunk during the night. It’s all just part of the experience.

Tournament format was 7 minute pairs routines, 8 minute Co-op routines and 5 minute mixed routines. Bonus moves (up to 5 points each) were awarded for Roll to teammates direct catch -flying gitis -scarecrow brush. Super bonus points (5 points each) were awarded for -Water Catch -Skid Row (more than two in a row) and -Bad Attitude. A single score for Difficulty was also awarded (maximum 10 points). Add them up and that’s your final score.

During the Random Co-op round we were short a player for the last team, so we pulled names out of a hat so 4 players could sub in for 2 minutes each to fill up the 8 minute routine. Then, Johnny O’mally came in and finished off the routine and the tournament with an remarkable, air-born, crash & drown water gitis.

Big moves of the weekend:
Skippy – Quasi-Alien Birth Ritual
Tommy – legover btb brush to gitis
Art – gitis pull out
Carl – 2 quad spinning moves
Paul – nice bad attitude catch
Alan – huge air china sydrome into water attempt
Doug – skid row
Mike E – double spinning flamigo to end routine
Melissa – fully extended, “Sue Strait-like” bad attitude
Tam – nice scarecrow
Carolyn – flowing, consecutive freestyle
Anne Graves – big flying gitis
Tom Slick – huge combo ending with spinning gitis
Mike C – excellent spinning triple fake
Buti – long, hein combo ending in back roll hemmer catch
O’mally – biggest air-water gitis of the weekend
Joe Mesner – rolls as smooth as silk
Sandy Kelp – fully submerged water catch


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