Freestyle Grand Master’s
1st Place went to Steve Hays (the Beast), Steve Scannell and Mike Esterbrook . The three had an excellent routine with a great display of kick brushing by the Beast, some sweet combos by Mike, and a couple of high jumping catches by Steve Scannell. Beast played solid and took home the gold!

2nd in a close race went to Tom Gleason and Jeff Soto. These two displayed good control and performed a smooth routine. Their styles went very well together, and both were able to shred with some spinning catches.

3rd went to John Kirkland and Dan Roddick. They had a quick catch routine with lots of variety. Kirkland pulled out the major crust with some catches under his shirt and and both had lots of great unusual throws, Stork did gitis!

Freestyle Masters
1st went to surprise winners Greg Riley and Mark Blakemore. They were able to perform their fully choreographed routine very well in finals, winning high presentation points, wowwing the crowd, and performing a flowing, well -executed routine, with good difficulty. Mark was able to pull off all those torqued moves he does so well with his long extensions, he even sealed an amazing Oliver! Greg also was in top form with turnovers and smooth rolling work. Both were very pleased and excited with their first championship trophy and everyone else was very happy for them.
2nd went to Larry Imperiale, Randy Silvey, and Joel Rogers. They performed very well in semis, shredding their pool and taking top seed. In finals, they also had some excellent stuff, Larabs doing a couple of long brushing body-rolling moves, Randy ripping off a sweet tipping combo to a double spinning catch and some benign work, Joel adding his expertise with some turnover work, and the high gitis. But they were unable to seal their fate as the clampers wouldn’t shut on several of the big crucial crescendo catches.

3rd was taken by Vancouver hometown favorite Glen Whitlock pairing with Peter Laubert. Both pulled off some very nice stuff, Glen brought out the heavy crust with some great original third-world stuff, some on the edge benign material, and even some paddidling, and he laid it out once which everyone loved. Peter did his awesome, smooth rolls and both were very pleased with their play.

4th was taken by Harvey Brandt, Paul Brenner from NY, and Rick Williams who put on a good spontaneous show. Harvey is playing better than ever, tuning up for Helsinki. Rick Williams played well with his signature moves followed by nice, flowy catches, and Paul Brenner (making a run for the overall) coming out with some excellent counter stuff and spinning catches.

5th went to Mark Relgalbuti and John O’Malley who played very well. Their routine was well choreographed with a good variety of smooth co- ops combined with accelerated individual moves by Johnny O and Buti. Buti hit one move that make everyone whoop–finishing a combo with a swoop turn to a leg roll-body roll. Smooth as silk.

6th place went to overall contenders Andy Lemann, Cliff Towne and John Shiller: Cliffy psyched up the crowd with some love talk to lead off the finals. All three players had some very nice individual moves, Shiller pulled off two body rolls to a back roll, but lost the seal. Andy Lemann revealing with his fine freestyle play that, though he is known as an overall player, he delights in the art freestyling with the rest of us.

Lots of guest and competing jammers played until dark, including but not limited to: Jeff and Cindy Kruger , Gary Auerbach of Toronto, Mary Jorgenson, Lisa Hunrichs and Randy Silvey, Mark Regalbuti, Johnny O’Malley, Joel Rogers, Beast, Tom Gleason, Jeff Soto, Paul Brenner, Greg Riley and Mark Blakemore, Peter Laubert, Jack Augnestoff of Vancouver Island. Several new and experienced jammers are on the horizon in Vancouver, that’s always good to see!

Freestyle Masters – Women’s Division
Judy Robbins won with a beautiful technical one drop routine. This was her first Masters tournament. Second Place was Tam Wolfe Viger with a healing Mike Esterbrook throwing to her, and Third Place was JoAnn with Laerbs throwing her counter.

Thanks to Lisa Hunrichs & Tam Wolfe Viger for this report!


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