The 20th annual Sonoma States took place last weekend at Sonoma State University, CA. Over 100 competitors took part in the overall event with 28 freestylers coming from as far as Toronto, Canada, and Evergreen Colorado.

The weather was hot and the wind was almost non-existant early in the day. A light breeze came up for the finals and Larry, Carolyn & her hubby, Hubby won with a clean, consitent routine. 2nd went to Skippy, Tom & Joey’s routine which included a hein Joey tip combo and a extended skid combo by Skip. The enthusiatic team of Jake, Matt & Weave challenged for the title hitting many big moves.

Mark, Greg & JK played well again, displaying smooth & consecutive co-ops…Mark’s 1 1/2 standing gitosis catch of a speed flow throw was a highlight of the tournament. Tim & Tom displayed their prolific “shred or die” quality of play – hitting several huge gitises.

O’mally, Buti & McElwaine were team “fun-guy” and got the crowd stoked.

Many players told stories of Sonoma Tournaments of the past and even brought old memorabilia to the field. Some stories that came up: 1980 semi of Joey & Richie’s no throw – no drop – 1 catch routine. 1981 when Larry & Joey had an epic 5 minute, 1 drop final. When Larry lost his lunch before & during his winning routine in 1982. Dancing on the tables at the Brass Ass Saloon the night before the historic frisbee meeting place closed it doors for good at the States in 1987.

Crusters in attendence; John Bird (*the original UFO), Victor Malafronte, Evan David, Tom Cole, Bruce Parsley, Dan X, Bobo Disco, rose, John Wright, Jimmy Zuur. Making a guest appearance was local shredboy Art Viger fresh from his World Juniors victory in Dallas, Texas the previous day.


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