Frisbee World, July/Aug 1978
Both the weather and the Freestyle was hot. Fortunately, however, Huntsville features the only indoor, air conditioned Freestyle final on the tour. The New York group of Rich Smits, Kurt Hollander and John Dwork used the conditions to their advantage as they beat three other threesomes in the final. A notable figure in the Freestyle final was Jim Herrick of Cornell Ultimate not previously known for his Freestyle. Jim teamed with Randy Osborne to post his highest finish in that event ever. The Florida pair of Terri Houle and Marie Bracciale took the women’s point event in Freestyle.
In Distance, Krae VanSickle continued his domination of the event as he again beat the field by almost 20 feet. Cynthia Allen took the women’s Distance by almost the same margin.


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