The United Kingdom UPDATE
by Stephen Swallow, Secretary

Frisbee World, July/August 1978

Over the weekend of April 14-16, the United Kingdom Frisbee Association organized a series of events with an Italian touring team. The Italian team had generously sponsored by a large cothing manufacturer. Their team consisted of seven playing members and an entourage of wives, girlfriends and bambinos making a total of twelve. On Friday afternoon, the Italian team played Purley High School Ultimate Team in their sports hall. The playing area was much smaller than a full size pitch and the end zones were considerably reduced. Consequently quick movement and short passing was essential. Purley excels in both of these areas and won the game comfortably 22-11. Unfortunately two memebers of the Italian team (Renato de Chiara and Daniel Vyhnol) sustained injuries as a result of running into the walls and were unable to play on Saturday or Sunday.
The England and Italy Ultiamte match was scheduled for 2:00 PM on Saturday, April 15 and as a result of the two Italian injuries, we had to reduce the game to a five-a-side contest. We had selected twelve players for the England sid so that the maximum number of people could gain playing experience. The Italian team was forced to play the same five throughout the match; Velentino de Chiara (captain), Franco Figari, Michele Festa, Marco Vainani and Giancarlo Smurra. We started the match with the strongest England side; Andy Fletcher, Pete Wade, Andy Gravell, Ashton Moody and Stephen Swallow (captain), and built a lead of 5-2 before any substitutions were made. We substituted players into and out of the England side freely so that everyone who turned up played. At half time, the score was England 9, Italy 7. The Italian side was good in the air but they frequently lost possession as a result of wild throws. Valentino de Chiara played a crucial role in their midfield and was the most talented Italian player. During the half time, members of each team were interviewed for London radio and photographed for the Sunday Times. Keith Heatherley, our team photographer was also present.
In the second half, the England team extended their lead to a final score of England 18, Italy 9. Andy Gravell was the outstanding England player. He combined good positional sense with strong running and either scored or made the final throw for 13 of the 18 England points.

The England Players were:
Stephen Swallow, Pet Wade, Andy Gravell, Andy Fletcher, Richard Hicks, Nick Way, rodj Tilson, Astan Moody, Nick Cash, Allan Thomas, Ron Huggins and Jeremy Way.
In the evening the two teams visited a local restaurant where a rather confused Indian gentlemen attempted to serve eithteen rather hungry disc players with eighteen different sorts of curry and make sure that everybody got the right meal. Before leaving , we aranged to meet in Hyde Park at 2:00 PM on Sunday to Freestyle and exchange playing ideas.
The meet in Hyde Park was arranged to coincide with the regular Sunday meeting of the Ally Pally Tossers whose club includes Nick Sharland (1976 champion), Robe Howe (1977 champion), Les Bryant (354 foot throw, unofficial), Steve Hurrell (UK Distance record holder) and Ron Huggins (UK M.T.A record holder).
The meet featured another Ultiamte game, Guts games and a lot of Freestyling. The Italians have not really done much Freestyle although Valentino had a few intersting moves. I hope that by the time we visit Italy there will be a few Italians with a nail delay down.
The UKFA has arranged a return visit to Italy on July 24-31, 1978. We hope to have some sponsorship for the visit. Everyone who took part enjoyed the Italian visit. We look forward to regular international Ultimate play particularly against the Swedes. The UKFA will shortly be recognized by the English Sports Council. This should help considerably in obtaining funds for such visit.

photo; Ultimate competitors

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