This year’s Winter HAT was a blast! Such a turnout! So many guest jammers coming to a WINTER edition – these people are crazy I was telling to myself before it all started. But jammers from Milano, Brighton, Copenhagen, Prague, Cologne, Münich, Frankfurt and other German cities did not make any mistake coming – on the contrary!


On Friday, a group of early arrivals invaded Berlin city centre and under the lead of jameral Oli they jammed for some serious hours on Alexanderplatz and other historical places, not minding the occasional rain. And they partied seriously after that 🙂


Despite a really promising weather forecast for Saturday, the day started gloomy and foggy. The location of the tournament had been set for the famous Tempelhofer Feld, but until noon we were not sure where exactly we will play. Me and German PK, as the winners of the last HAT and hence TDs of this one, went to scout for the suitable spot. The old airport was completely covered in the fog and the grass fields were still wet and muddy. Therefore, the concrete runway was a clear choice. As all the jammers started to gather, the fog seemed to go away and the sun was trying really hard to show up and shine on us. But it failed miserably! The fog came back down again and we became blessed with a unique and memorable foggy atmosphere of this winter hat edition. All the other conditions were ideal – perfect breeze, mild temperature, hard concrete, and most importantly, not many people going around, allowing us to occupy the full width of the old Landbahn. And we jammed relentlessly!


Photo by Stephan Stoll



At around 3PM the tournament started. We had 27 names in the hat so the Co-op format was a clear choice. 9 teams, 1 round, 4 minutes and walk the plank style – the teams had to go play right after they were drawn from the hat. No judges, no audience, just the video camera for recording the runs.


After the last team finished, we continued to jam until it got completely dark and then headed out to Anton’s Hobel bar. There everybody melted up, filled their hungry bellies and drank some golden liquid to get ready for the video-judging. Everybody was judging every team (except of their own) and gave only one mark for general impression. In the end it was the first team in the playing order – team of PK, Dünk and Ilka – who shredded the most and won the winter hats. Congratulations! The celebration was proper and did not end before 6AM 🙂



winter-hat-group-ron-smallPhoto by Ron Kretschmann



On Sunday, the weather was not the best so the initial plan to go to Reichstag had changed and we ended up having a big VELO jam. All the guest jammers participated and behaved shredfully!


What a great weekend and memorable winter HAT in Berlin! Thank you all for coming. Now let’s soothe our sore bodies and get ready for another jam! I’m going right now, actually 🙂


Photos & Videos

>> Awesome atmospheric pics by Stephan Stoll 


>> Great photoalbum by Ron Kretschmann


>> For more photos check event’s facebook page.



  1. Phil Krüger – Stefan Dünkel – Ilka Simon (167,6 pts)
  2. Anton Capelmann – Wu Wunder – Philipp Sherwood (156,3 pts)
  3. Bianca Strunz – Jakub Kostel – Oli Petrus (135,4)
  4. Freddy Finner, Joni Kriss, Benny Audet (131,9 pts)
  5. Thomas Nötzel – Toby Künzel – Harry (Tom) Goltz (128,6 pts)
  6. Andre Zaharias – Marc Pestotnik – Mördi Hosseinian (127,9 pts)
  7. Andy Absolom – Makki Hein – Jan Sörensen (111,3 pts)
  8. Johanna Mattiä – Jessie Skomroch – Sophie Rickers (95,4 pts)
  9. Anna Merlo – Stephan Stoll – Wowa Wagner (90,8 pts)



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