Thank you all for coming, we certainly had a blast. It was so good to see that many international faces, happy and smiling, competing in the rain and not complaining at all about the conditions. Thank you guys!


The sunny jam in perfect conditions at Tempelhof after the hat was as worth mentioning as the spread the jam action held on Alexander Place the day before. Wicked!


As for the tournament, we were a bit unfortunate with the weather but as mentioned above, we all made the best of it and eventually went on to have a wonderful evening with some nice live jazz music and some other stories that will be unfold in the future (some laughter might be guaranteed).


My favorite moment on the field was the fusion of German PK and Czech Powerhouse Jakub Kostel that eventually led to a flippant word game with PK and JK turning to JPK (JayPack). So, without any further ado,


Here are the results:


Pool A


  1. Freddy Finner & Mördi Hosseinian
  2. Toby Künzel / Ilka Simon & Säsh Höhne
  3. Wu Wunder & Makki Hein
  4. Olli Petrus & Manu Zach
  5. Harry (Tom) Goltz & Marc Pestotnik
  6. Silvina Porsch & Konrad Patris


Pool B


  1. Phil Krüger & Jakub Koštel
  2. Jens Friebe & Thomas Nötzel
  3. Jan Sörensen & Jakub “Mystiq” Matula
  4. Bibi Strunz & Michal Maciolek
  5. Ben Edelmann & Anna Duran-Korzycka




  1. Phil Krüger & Jakub Koštel (96.9 p)
  2. Freddy Finner & Mördi Hosseinian (93.5 p)
  3. Jens Friebe & Thomas Nötzel (85.5 p)
  4. Bibi Strunz & Michal Maciolek (85.4 p)
  5. Jan Sörensen & Jakub “Mystiq” Matula (83.5 p)
  6. Wu Wunder & Makki Hein (80.8 p)
  7. Toby Künzel / Ilka Simon & Säsh Höhne (80.5 p)
  8. Olli Petrus & Manu Zach (69.96 p)


Congrats to the winners and all finalists!


Since Jakub has become half a Berlin Jammer, we are very pleased to announce that he will take care of the organisational part for the upcoming 123 4 Seasons Winter Edition! ; )


We are also very happy to have a new jammer in town. Emiliano Verrino , a guitar master from Anzio is in town Erasmus-wise for the next year. Welcome to the gang ragazzo!


And, we are ALL happy to see German PK back on the jam field and shred!! It’s good to have you back dude!


Looking forward to the next edition, my friends!


Much love and huge Zs,


yours the Graf

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