2015 Wintershred Results

This just in from from Carl Dobson: The latest version of Wintershred went down this past Sunday at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Good weather and good times were had by all. Some epic jams went down all day mixing Mike Galloupe and Scott Weaver’s ‘throw caution to the wind style’ and the more reserved […]

Freestyle Rankings Update

To all Jammers, especially Competitors and Tournament Directors: After many years of tireless work Arthur Coddington asked the community to support and adopt the important work of collecting tournament results, calculating and posting them. The ranking points are the basis of our entire competition system. Without them we wouldn’t be able to run tournaments that […]

‘Jammers on the net’ The buzz from Colorado by Jonathan

Jonathan and Mikey 1993 FPA World Open Pairs Champions. Video by Arthur Coddington

Hello Jammers:

 Some of the recent political and social headlines from Colorado.
In the first two months after marijuana was legalized, the state reports tax revenues exceeded two million dollars (excluding revenue from sales of medical marijuana).
The state ski areas report visits this year are up nearly 22%.
Conservative legislators, emboldened by the ability to have two gun control representatives recalled after they enacted gun control legislation last year, failed to repeal the law.
While sports fans were disappointed that the Denver Broncos failed to show up for the American Football Superbowl, Colorado sports fans are giddy that the Mountain Alternative Open Freestyle Frisbee Tournament will be held again this year June 14 and 15, 2014 with a number of legends again scheduled to attend, including Jake Gauthier, Mike Reid, Bill Wright, Larry Imperiale and Jeff O’Brien.  The event will include an open pairs event and a seeded mobop on the beautiful fields of the University of Colorado nestled in the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
Flights from all over the United States to Denver range from $150 to $250 right now, so book your trip now.  For more information, contact Jonathan with the Organization Committee at (303) 434-7101 or at nocrum@comcast.net.
The Organization Committee

FPAW 2014 – Update from Alfonso Velez Lopez, our host

Hi all. It is time to anounce that the next year´s FPAW in the beautiful Medellín, the eternal spring city, will be held from july 31 to august 3. The reasons to choose this dates are weather (is a dry sunny season), hotels are a bit cheaper and that week is in between of two […]

2013 FPA Discs

   The new FPA discs are available now! Join  the FPA or Renew your Membership now for all of your competitions in 2013! The FPA would like to thank all the designers who spent time developing FPA designs. This year’s beautiful and inspiring design was created by the very talented Fabio Vinciguerra! For his contribution, Fabio received […]

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