Perhaps the most interesting Jammers ever.  So many elements.


More than a few folks stayed a whole week.


Wednesday  – Friday were traditional epic jam days.


Tournament Saturday saw the winds increase slightly with great weather as Subtropical Alberto stayed away until Sunday.  A great tournament with shredding play.  Live stream by Jake and utilizing cantennas to connect to the internet upstairs.  Ryan flying in Saturday morning, arriving at the tournament, setting up the dial system, giving instructions to the fixed judges, then going out and shredding!


Sunday Subtropical Alberto’s outer bands hit, presenting a day one might say was unplayable.  While it was not tournament weather it turned out to be one of the most magical day in Jammers history.  With seabreeze winds 20-25 mph, bands of rain coming sideways periodically, the jamming was off the charts!  The winds, while up and down in long time frames, was quite steady at any time.  The already viral video of Jake going off was representative of the kind of play that went on for hours.  It was fatigue, not the weather that caused folks to end their jam day.


Monday and Tuesday, the rains dried up, a strong seabreeze remained from the vacuum left by Alberto and more and more jams ensued.  Monday night we all headed to the local sushi/thai restaurant that has become a tradition since Murf and Carl invoked it decades ago…yes…decades ago 🙂



Some commentary:


Thank you Cheryl, from everyone….no words can express how important she is to me, this tournament and our sport…


Thanks to Sarah Bergman, making cool keychains.  Thanks to Berni who made the trophies and shirts as well as being one of the Sunday party hosts.  Thanks go Gary Williams for some Xdiscs to help spread the jam…the kids took off with them as soon as they were brought out!  Thanks to Jake on the livestream and Ryan for the judging…as always!  Thanks to Larry and Carl putting up many folks and sponsoring The Jammers in subtle ways.  Thanks to Pablo, Joey, Amy and Jim for joining us for the first time.  Good to see Cindy, Tony, Denny and Renee after a long layoff.  And good to see all our regulars.  Pipo and Murf were missed as 2 who have attended more than most everyone, who could not make it.


Pablo Azul made it from Colombia to jam (bringing custom shirts and canvas)!  It was more cost effective for him to fly to Orlando and Tito volunteered to pick him up.  Not only that, since Tito had his son’s graduation Thursday, he drove Pablo directly here, then went right back home.  5 hour drive (twice as he came back for the tournament a day later).  He stayed until Pablo got his last jam fix on Tuesday and took him back to Orlando.  Thanks Tito! FYI Tito and Pablo got the best crowd response I think.  Side note, travelers from Portland and Seattle actually had longer distances to get here!


The group dinner and awards ceremony was held in a private room at Lynch’s Irish pub with a live band available in the main room.


Sunday’s catered dinner was held at the AirBnB rented by Berni, Rich, Pops, Jean, Toddy and others who spend a night or 2.  All walking distance from where most everyone stayed.  There were different pods of folks – There was an animated discussion about the dial system; We will NOT talk about the Boston-Cleveland Game 7 results!;  Joey and Amy held a private concert on the deck (They also played an interlude show at our place earlier, video posted).  Wow does Amy have a voice!  A great time in a great place.


On a downer, the tournament ended on Saturday and within minutes, as folks began jamming and letting go of the tournament stress, Bethany popped her Achilles.  We got the lifeguard to take her to a car where Joel stepped up and took her to the car.  They went off to the hospital where it was confirmed. She made it back to Lynch’s where amazingly she was in fine spirits, not letting on the personal pain she must have been feeling.  She got an early flight back the next day to begin the journey back to recovery.  There was more than one toast and tear for her at the Sunday party!  Get well Bethany, our hearts with you!


Congrats to Lori and James, defending their Jammers title.  Super congrats to Daniel and Joey winning the open division.  Joey’s first Jammers title (and I am told first in 14 years).  As I told Joey, he has something like 14 FPA World Titles but only one Jammers title.  I let him decide which is more important 🙂


Routine videos are here (thanks again Jake):


Results – Thanks to Todd, Joel and Carl for being fixed judges.  They did a great job even though there basically had 5 minutes training!


Photos by Cheryl here of the tournament: