WFDF 2017 Freestyle Event Will Be Live Streamed

The WFDF Overall Championships for 2017 is coming up soon – taking place in Basingstoke, UK for six days of all-day Frisbee/flying disc games; from July 24th-29th. The Freestyle part of the Overall games will be during the final days of the week: July 28th and 29th.  This will be the first time in many years that the WFDF Freestyle event will garner Pro-level (“major”)  ranking points, especially since competitors are vying for the WFDF World Freestyle title.


The current list of participating competitors includes some of the best women, men, and junior-level freestylers in the world, from at least 12 different countries, and many of whom are preparing for the following week’s premier freestyle event: the FPA World Championships in Udine, Italy (Aug 3rd-6th).


The WFDF World Freestyle event will include both open pairs and women’s pairs, and will use the standard FPA competition format. Ryan Young will be there to head up the judging with his tablet based system.


Being an Overall flying disc event means that points are earned by disc players in every disc game played throughout the week, including Freestyle.  Therefore, numerous “hidden” jammers (i.e., disc golfers, double-disc court players, discathon runners) will be putting on nails and competing in freestyle with routines filled with creative ideas and tricks.


There’s a lot to see throughout the week, if you can come and watch the action.  Can’t be there in person?  Well, no need to fret! For the first time ever,  Jakub “Mystiq” Matula will be live streaming both days of freestyle!


>> Check out the LIVE STREAM at <<


WFDF Freestyle Competition update

It has come to our attention that there will be approximately 70 people competing in the freestyle division of the upcoming WFDF World Overall tournament in Basingstoke, Great Britain!  Robb Hamilton, the tournament director, is expecting approximately 6 Women’s teams and 30 Open Pairs.


The schedule features freestyle on the last two days, with 5 hours allocated on Friday and three on Saturday.  Because of the large number of teams, in order to ensure that freestyle runs efficiently, we are planning an Open format similar to the one used at Frisbeer, with a semi and a final.


During the semis on Friday, there will be four Open pools of 7 or 8 teams each.  We will use the “festival format,” which makes efficient use of limited time, and is good for the audience, since there is very little down time between routines.


This is how it works: 


Pools A and C play first and Pools B and D are the judges.

  • First, a Pool A team plays and jammers who will play in Pool B judge them.
  • While the jammers who judged that very first team work on their scores,
  • a team from Pool C plays, and jammers who will play in Pool D judge them
  • and then back to a Pool A team and then a Pool C team, etc. until all of the Pool A and C teams have played.


Then Pools B and D compete and A and C are the judges.

  • First, a Pool B team plays and jammers who played in Pool A judge them.
  • While the jammers who judged that very first team work on their scores,
  • a team from Pool D plays, and jammers who play in Pool C judge them
  • and then back to a Pool B team and then a Pool D team, etc. until all of the Pool B and D teams have played.


Competitors will need to give their all during the semis on Friday, as only the top two teams from each of the four Open pools will advance to the finals on Saturday.


The number of rounds and cuts for the six teams in the Women’s division is more open at this point, and will likely be finalized during the week.


Based on the posted WFDF schedule, a number of freestyle specialists will arrive at the tournament on Thursday.


We look forward to some hot competition!