WFDF World Overall Championships

From Thomas Olsson, Sweden Freestyle players of the world are welcome to Norrköping, Sweden, July 18-25 and the WFDF World Flying Disc Overall Championships to fight for the WFDF World  title. Participate in all 7 disciplines throughout the whole week or focus on freestyle only (July 22 & 24). Either way, it will be an […]

Bidding for FPAW 2017, EFO 2016 and AFO 2016 is open!

Posted by FPA Competition Director, Freddy Finner Hello Jammers and Tournament Directors! The bidding process for FPAW 2017   –  and – EFO 2016  –  and  –   AFO 2016 has started. If you are interested in hosting one of these events, please fill out the FPA Tournament Application, downloadable from the FPA website here and send […]

Congratulations to all competitors at EFC 2015 in Bologna!

European Freestyle Championships 2015 Results! Mixed Pairs Final 1 Bragagnolo, Anna/ Emanuele Faustini (50,5) 2 Strunz, Bianca/ Sascha Höhne / (48,3) 3 Simon, Ilka / Mehrdad Hosseinian (40,5) 4 Merlo, Anna / Gianluca Giglio (37,2) 5 Solarova, Martina / Lukas Lacina (27,4)   Open Coop Final 1 Sascha Höhne/ Jan Schreck / Frederic Finner (48,2) […]

FPAW Registration!

DEADLINE – Reminder for the Online Registration and Payment for FPAW 2015 is on Monday, 1 June! (Penalty 15€ if you do not register before the deadline!) As many of you will go to EFC please do this now, before it is to late. It is important for us to have the registration information from […]

FPA Open Rankings Update – May 2015

FPA Open Rankings – May 2015 Rank Last Time Name Country Gender Best 8 Results # of Events 1 1 Kenny, Paul USA m 1667.25 14 2 3 Gauthier, Jake USA m 1619.75 18 3 2 Coddington, Arthur USA m 1545.75 9 4 4 Gauthier, Matt USA m 1481.75 18 5 5 Wiseman, James USA m 1448.5 20 6 […]

2013 FPA Discs

   The new FPA discs are available now! Join  the FPA or Renew your Membership now for all of your competitions in 2013! The FPA would like to thank all the designers who spent time developing FPA designs. This year’s beautiful and inspiring design was created by the very talented Fabio Vinciguerra! For his contribution, Fabio received […]

Another Blog Post

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All,   We have FPA Board elections this year for Competition Director and Education Director.  If you are interested in running and want to help the sport we all love, please send me a write up including experiences and visions you might have.  Note you must be an FPA Member to run.  Please consider using […]


All, Here is the video of the FPA All Hands meeting held virtually during the Tiny Room Challenge 2. The link here starts at the beginning of the meeting but if you want to see the battle again just go to the beginning of this video.     At the request of the Colombians, the […]

Freestyle Frisbee Women’s Global Covid Co-Op

Here is a must-watch video for you all freestyle players and fans. Bob Boulware, a profound jammer from Seattle, came up with, coordinated and edited together this great video of global women’s covid Co-op. No more words necessary, just watch and enjoy.