Freestyle Disc Hall of Fame Nomination

Freestyle Hall of Fame Nominations are Open The following form serves the capacity of informing the Freestyle Disc Hall of Fame (FDHOF) Committee as to the value of an individual candidate. The nomination window will be from February 19th to March 30th 2018. The nominations will then be vetted by the committee with the inductees being […]

Update regarding FPAW 2019

Greetings FPA Members,   Here is an update regarding FPAW 2019:   Ryan Young (Seattle, WA; USA) submitted the only application for FPAW 2019 and presented many of his ideas for how he could host FPA Worlds in Seattle during his presentation in Udine. Ryan’s ideas for the event include a number of proposals for […]

Support the Frisbee Temple in Milano

Jammers,  Valentino Di Chiara’s Temple is being revived as a mecca for Italian freestyle in Milan Italy.  Watch the video and help support the Milan Jammers as they turn the Temple into the next MUST VISIT jam site.  It is a Renaissance!     We have made this video to introduce you to our recreation […]


Congratulations to Fabian Dinklage.  Fabian’s art was chosen for the 2018 FPA disc.   Please join with us in congratulating Fabian, whose art was chosen over some other great artists.  We are lucky to have a bunch of talented artists in our sport so this is a great honor for Fabian!!   Thanks to the […]


Hey jammers,   Im happy to say that the player profiles on the FPA website are finally working (mostly) and I encourage everybody to create their own. You can upload your profile and banner pictures and share various information about yourself with the freestyle world. Also you can share a video. There is a button […]


Fellow jammers and freestyle frisbee fans,   I’m looking for a small team of people who would help me to make the FPA website better and more enjoyable for everybody.    Are you interested in spreading the jam?  Do you have any interesting ideas about new types of content of the FPA website?  Do you […]

Gail McColl passed away

Gail McColl, Co founder, co owner of Discraft, and recent inductee in the Freestyle Hall of Fame has passed away. Our thoughts go out to Gail, her family and Discraft. The freestyle and disc community will miss you.     I first met Gail & Jim at NAS tourneys on the 1976 circuit.  They were […]

Jammys 2016

  Year 2016 is getting to it’s end and The Jammys are back, this time in different format. No more categories, no more nominations, no judges, no rules…just whatever you want to say!   Are there any jammers you want to appreciate for their amazing play, fast progress or contribution to the sport? Are there […]

FPA Holiday Auction – Part 2

WELCOME to PART 2 of the 1st Annual FPA Holiday Auction!!   Feel free to share this link with those who you think are interested in participating (including collector’s pages)! .   Bid Often, Bid High, Help the FPA Fly!   Last item up for bid:   • 22 photo-real minis with images of each […]

The 1st Annual FPA Holiday Auction is going on Now!

Use this link to access the FPA Facebook page, which will be where the auction is happening.   First item up for bid:   · One (1) WHITE signed Freestyle Disc Hall of Fame Skystyler   · One of only 22 in existence – SIGNED by 11 of inductees – who gathered for the […]

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You can also check and download detailed rankings – including the list of each player’s best 8 results.   This Month Last Month Name Country Gender Best 8 Results # of Events 1 1 Young, Ryan USA m 1965,25 21 2 2 Wiseman, James USA m 1741,25 20 3 4 Baranyk, Pavel CZE m 1425,5 11 4 […]


You can also check and download detailed rankings – including the list of each player’s best 8 results.   This Month Last Month Name Country Best 8 Results # of Events 1 1 Simon, Ilka GER 1138 28 2 2 Daniels, Lori USA 1098 21 3 3 Strunz, Bianca GER 1062 19 4 4 Korver, Juliana USA […]

World Urban Games Update

Hey jammers!   An update on the World Urban Games. Much is still to be decided and most of it is fluid. I will tell what we know and what we don’t know as best I can. This is likely the one best opportunity our sport has to get MAJOR exposure and we are all […]