• Edoardo
  • Turri
  • Edo
  • #045
  • Italy
  • Rovereto, Trento
  • 03/19/1996
  • Student
  • www.facebook.com/FrisbeeFeverRovereto/
  • 2013
  • Player Bio

    Play in ‘Frisbee Fever Rovereto’

  • Career Highlights

    Amsterjam 2017 – Open Pairs: 1st with Frad Pitt.
    Lazzaroni 2018 – Mixed Pairs: 1st with Maxine Mittempergher
    Frisbeer Cup 2019 – Mixed Pairs: 1st with Maxine Mittempergher

  • How I Started

    I was in a festival in a Castel near Rovereto (in that period I was taken a disc with my friends to catch and throw) and I saw a guy doing crazy stuffs with the disc (Andrea). I immediatly went to him and after few words.. my first ‘jam’!

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  • Favorite Moves

    Any type of rolls (in particular Chipper’s variation), behind the back-osis, flamingosis, double utl variation.

  • Mentors


  • Partners

    Open Pairs: Filippo Bortot, Mattia Colombari, Andrea Festi, Anna Merlo, Claudio Cigna, Manuel Cesari, Amir Miro Hoshen, Frad Pitt, Francesco Santolin, Graf Mördi.
    Open Co-op: Mattia Colombari, Andrea Festi, Fabio Sanna Filippo Bortot, Benjamin Edelmann, Manuel Cesari, Frad Pitt.
    Mixed Pairs: Maxine Mittempergher.

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  • Sponsors

    XDISC, Assistenza OC, Corniceria Santa Maria.

  • Other Fun

    Listen music, play instruments, study cognitive science.